Exchange Server 2016 Quick Start Guide

exchange getting started cover sales pageHere’s How to Quickly Master the Fundamentals of Exchange Server 2016

This free guide will teach you new skills and gain the confidence to work with Exchange Server 2016 in the real world:

Easy to follow.
This is not a dry, technical manual.

No time wasted.
Covers everything you need to know to configure and manage a simple Exchange Server 2016 deployment.

Hands on.
Build your own test lab environment and follow along with the lessons in this guide.

In my consulting business I’ve worked with so many customers who were having problems with their on-premises Exchange because of a simple misconfiguration.

I wrote this free ebook for one reason – to help you quickly learn more about configuring and managing on-premises Exchange servers, without making the errors that can have a big impact on your customers and end users.

Paul Cunningham Microsoft MVP

You Will Learn:

The key concepts of Exchange Server 2016, and what’s new

How to configure servers for Outlook, web, and mobile access.

How to establish internal and external mail flow.

How to create and configure mailbox databases.

How to create and manage mailboxes and distribution groups.

How to backup and recover Exchange Server 2016 data.

This guide is for you, if you:

  • Are new to Exchange Server deployment and administration, and want to add to your skillset
  • Are short on time and need to quickly learn the core skills that Exchange admins can’t succeed without
  • Want to build your own Exchange Server test environment to learn hands-on
  • Don’t have a big training budget and need learning materials

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