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Changes to Test Cmdlets in Exchange Server 2013

This article is based on the Exchange 2013 Preview release and is subject to change when Exchange 2013 reaches RTM. Do not attempt to install Exchange 2013 Preview in a production environment.

Each new version of Exchange Server usually brings with it some new PowerShell cmdlets, and Exchange Server 2013 is no different.

According to a quick check of my test systems, the Test-* cmdlet count for each of  the current versions of Exchange is as follows:

  • Exchange 2007, 17 cmdlets
  • Exchange 2010, 29 cmdlets
  • Exchange 2013, 32 cmdlets

Between Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 the changes are as follows.

New cmdlets in Exchange Server 2013:

  • Test-MigrationServerAvailability – relates to migrations to Exchange online
  • Test-OAuthConnectivity – tests OAuth authentication to an application
  • Test-SiteMailbox – tests connectivity between the site mailbox and SharePoint, as well as verifying correct permissions
  • Test-TeamMailbox – I can't find information on this one yet but it appears to perform similar tests to Test-SiteMailbox

Cmdlets removed in Exchange Server 2013:

  • Test-ExchangeSearch – presumably this is no longer required with the switch to FAST search in the 2013 servers
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