Microsoft Exam 70-345 Preparation and Readiness

Microsoft exam 70-345, Designing and Deploying Exchange Server 2016, is the certification exam for IT professionals who want to learn about, and prove their skills in, the design, deployment, and administration of  Exchange Server 2016.

Exam 70-345 will be the only exam for Exchange Server 2016, which is a new approach by Microsoft from the previous versions of Exchange that each had two certification exams. Passing exam 70-345 earns you credit towards the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification.

What You Need to Know for Exam 70-345

The exam covers six objective domains:

  • Plan, deploy, manage and troubleshoot mailbox databases
  • Plan, deploy, manage and troubleshoot client access services
  • Plan, deploy, manage and troubleshoot transport services
  • Plan, deploy and manage an Exchange infrastructure, recipients, and security
  • Plan, deploy and manage compliance, archiving, eDiscovery, and auditing
  • Implement and manage coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration and federation

Exam 70-345 Study materials

Exam Ref 70-345 Book CoverThe study materials you use to prepare for exam 70-345 depends on your preferred method of learning. For those of you who prefer to learn by reading books, the Exam Ref 70-345 book from Microsoft Press is the official training guide for Exchange 2016 certification (I am a co-author of this book).

The Exam Ref 70-345 book by Microsoft Press is available now from Amazon in print and Kindle versions, and is also available from the Microsoft Press Store in print and eBook versions.

For those of you who prefer to learn from video training, I have also created the Exam 70-345 series of courses with Pluralsight:

You can also find other training courses on my Pluralsight author page.

To help you build up your own Exchange Server 2016 training lab I’m making my Exchange Server 2016 Quick Start Guide eBook free to download. This short eBook will walk you through the process of preparing Active Directory and installing your first Exchange 2016 server. The eBook also includes instructions to help you set up a virtual training environment in Hyper-V. You can download your free copy here.