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TEC Talk: AD-Based Attacks in 2023 - What We've Learned So Far

Hosted by: Paul Robichaux and Bryan Patton

968 - 06-26-2023 - Webinar Could an AD LOW

The continual issue of Active Directory (AD) misconfigurations and the rise in AI tools leveraging vulnerability databases pose a substantial challenge to our current AD cyber resilience strategies. In this illuminating TEC Talk, "AD-Based Attacks in 2023: What We've Learned So Far," we dive deep into:

  • The nature and implications of AD vulnerabilities, including potential avenues for privilege escalation and full domain compromise.
  • Strategies for identifying and rectifying prevalent AD misconfigurations that could be exploited as attack entry points.
  • The increasing risks associated with AI systems that harness known AD weaknesses and vulnerabilities for nefarious purposes.
  • Developing holistic strategies to safeguard AD against a progressively complex attack landscape.
  • Strengthening your organization's resilience and recovery mechanisms to combat these threats effectively.

By the conclusion of this session, you will possess a more nuanced understanding of the evolving cybersecurity threats and valuable insights to bolster your defenses. We're pleased to welcome industry veterans Paul Robichaux, Microsoft MVP and Practical Protection Corner Author on Practical365.com, and Bryan Patton, CISSP and Principal Solutions Consultant at Quest Software, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. Don't miss this chance to learn from leading experts in the field.

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