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Practical Graph: Find Ownerless and Memberless Groups with Graph APIs

Over time, it's likely that some of the groups in a Microsoft 365 tenant will fall into either the category of memberless groups or ownerless groups. Microsoft has a solution to manage ownerless Microsoft 365 groups, but not the other group types supports by the Graph. This article explains how to find and report memberless groups using the Get-MgGroup cmdlet.

June 19, 2024

Experimenting with PowerShell Batching and Parallel Execution

PowerShell Parallel Processing is a mechanism to speed the processing of large quantities of data. In this example, we discuss how to use parallel batches to fetch Entra ID account information using mailbox data to drive information retrieval. Although this is only a demonstration of a technique, it might help those who must process thousands of mailboxes or accounts and would like to do so more quickly.

June 12, 2024

Using Entra ID Support for Passkey Authentication with Microsoft 365

Entra ID supports passkeys as an authentication method. In fact, support is a variation of the existing FIDO2 authentication method using device-bound passkeys managed by the Microsoft Authenticator app. Passkeys are a strong phishing-proof authentication method. The question is whether the current implementation will be considered too complicated by regular users.

April 23, 2024