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Practical Graph: Find Ownerless and Memberless Groups with Graph APIs

Over time, it's likely that some of the groups in a Microsoft 365 tenant will fall into either the category of memberless groups or ownerless groups. Microsoft has a solution to manage ownerless Microsoft 365 groups, but not the other group types supports by the Graph. This article explains how to find and report memberless groups using the Get-MgGroup cmdlet.

June 19, 2024

Experimenting with PowerShell Batching and Parallel Execution

PowerShell Parallel Processing is a mechanism to speed the processing of large quantities of data. In this example, we discuss how to use parallel batches to fetch Entra ID account information using mailbox data to drive information retrieval. Although this is only a demonstration of a technique, it might help those who must process thousands of mailboxes or accounts and would like to do so more quickly.

June 12, 2024

Practical Graph: Creating and Updating Planner Tasks

In the past, we've described how to use PowerShell to report tasks in Planner plans. This article completes the circle by discussing how to create Planner tasks. The scenario used is synchronizing Microsoft 365 message center notifications to create tasks in a target plan. There are some interesting issues to discuss, like how to assign a label to a task.

March 19, 2024

Using Power Automate and Azure Automation to Manage the Lifecycle of SharePoint Sites

A key aspect of a well-managed Microsoft 365 environment is to ensure that SharePoint sites are removed when they are no longer needed. In this blog, Sean McAvinue explores how to combine relatively basic PowerShell and Azure Automation skills with Power Automate to create a clean, robust way to manage the lifecycle of SharePoint sites in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

November 14, 2023

Practical Graph: Incomplete Task Analysis for Planner Tasks

In the first article about using the Planner Graph API to report details of plans in a Microsoft 365 tenant, we explained the basics of how to extract data about plans, tasks, and buckets to create a report using a PowerShell script. Now we take the lessons learned a step forward to illustrate the principle that with access to data, the possibility for creative use of that data is boundless and upgrade the script to include a listing of incomplete tasks and per-user analysis of incomplete tasks for each plan.

June 12, 2023

Practical Graph: Deal with Common Errors when Running Graph Commands with PowerShell

It's great to be able to run Graph API requests in PowerShell scripts if everything goes right. This article describes why some common Graph API errors occur in scripts and what to do when the errors happen. Most errors are due to permissions assigned to the Azure AD apps used to run scripts and getting the basics will resolve those problems.

February 6, 2023