Exchange 2010 Boot Camp – Free Training Videos

You can access the free Exchange 2010 Boot Camp videos using the links below. If you have found these videos useful please share them with your colleagues and friends.

For more advanced Exchange Server 2010 training videos check out the complete 8-part series here.

Module 1 – Building an Exchange Server 2010 Training Environment

In module 1 you will learn how to create a simple training lab environment that you can use to learn about Exchange Server 2010.

Lesson 1: Overview of Exchange Server 2010 Training Lab

Lesson 2: Building a Training Lab using Virtualization Software

Lesson 3: Installing the Windows Server and Active Directory Environment

Lesson 4: Installing Exchange Server 2010

Module 2 – Configuring Exchange Server 2010

In module 2 you will learn how to configure the features of your new Exchange Server 2010 server.

Lesson 1: Exchange Server 2010 overview

Lesson 2 – Configuring the Mailbox Server role

Lesson 3 – Configuring the Client Access Server role

Lesson 4 – Configuring Message Transport

Module 3 – Managing Recipients in Exchange 2010

In module 3 you will learn how to use the Exchange Server 2010 management tools to administer recipients.

Lesson 1: Creating new mailboxes

Lesson 2: Bulk creating new mailboxes

Lesson 3: Moving mailboxes between databases

Lesson 4: Disabling vs removing a mailbox user

Lesson 5: Creating distribution groups

Lesson 6: Creating contacts

Bonus: after creating your test recipients you can automatically generate some email traffic within your test lab environment using the Start-MailGen.ps1 script here.

Module 4: Exchange Server 2010 Backup and Recovery

In module 4 you will learn how to backup and restore data on Exchange 2010 servers.

Lesson 1: Preparing the server for backups

Lesson 2: Backing up Exchange Server 2010 mailbox databases

Lesson 3: Restoring an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox database

Lesson 4: Restoring individual mailbox items in Exchange Server 2010

Looking for more advanced training? Check out the Exchange Boot Camp PLUS, that goes deeper into Exchange Server 2010 and covers more advanced multi-server scenarios.