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Creating an ISA Reports Web Server has published a guide for creating an ISA reports web server.  It is a quick and easy solution to making the reports available to managers and other interested parties. For my ISA Server deployments I like to take it a step further and use a little ASP code to generate some nicer looking tables […]

November 9, 2007

Real World SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008

Microsoft is holding the Microsoft Office SharePoint Conference 2008 in Seattle from March 3rd to March 6th next year.  The conference brings together Microsoft product specialists, customers, partners and industry analysts to share their wealth of real life product and deployment experiences. And of course, the conference website is powered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server […]

November 7, 2007

Security Spin Cycles

Jeff Jones posted a blog entry to celebrate Red Hat fixing their 1000th unique security vulnerability.  He also draws attention to a Red Hat post on their “Truth Happens” blog back in August, which itself quotes a post on Jeff posts quarterly statistics on his blog that show how many vulnerabilities have been patched for various […]

October 17, 2007

Real World Sharepoint: Hawaiian Air

The Microsoft Sharepoint Products and Technologies Team Blog published a write up back in April this year written by Avneesh Kaushik about their experience using Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0 to develop the Hawaiian Air internet website. The website is mission critical for Hawaiian Airlines because it transacted the majority of […]

September 17, 2007

Adobe Flash Player Download Links

Aaron runs a great blog but I’m quite amazed that Adobe is actually telling customers to look there for basic information like download links for their software. I’ve had a few e-mails over the past few weeks, from people looking for the Adobe Flash Player installer, because Adobe tech support has been directing people here […]

September 17, 2007

Event ID 3006 and Exchange Server 2007 performance counters

An Exchange Server 2007 server with incorrectly loaded performance counters may result in many instances of event ID 3006 being logged to the Application Event Log. Event Type: Warning Event Source: LoadPerf Event Category: None Event ID: 3006 Date:  10/09/2007 Time:  12:51:51 User:  N/A Computer: SERVER Description: Unable to read the performance counter strings of the 011 language ID. The Win32 status returned […]

September 10, 2007

Google Search versus Live Search

I did a search via the Internet Explorer 7 search bar today which happened to still be configured to use (the default setting). I was quickly reminded why I stick to Google instead of Live. Not only didn’t the first page of results have what I was looking for, it didn’t even have any […]

August 29, 2007

Symantec Backup Exec 11d Double-backslash Bug

On a Symantec Backup Exec 11d server that is backing up Microsoft SQL Server databases you may encounter failed backups with an error: The path for this database is invalid because it contains extra backslash characters. You must remove the extra backslash characters before the database can be backed up. The solution provided by Symantec […]

August 14, 2007

Exchange 2007 Backup Products

To continue my harping on about Exchange Server 2007 I thought I would link to an interesting blog entry from Harold Wong (Senior Technology Specialist, Microsoft) on backup solutions for Exchange Server 2007.  We have at least one Exchange Server 2007 deployment being delayed for production due to incompatibilities with the client’s backup product of […]

July 26, 2007