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Microsoft Announces the Future for Exchange Server

By Tony Redmond | June 2, 2022 | 11 Comments

On June 2, Microsoft made a bunch of announcements covering the future for Exchange Server. A new version will come in 2025 that will follow Microsoft’s modern lifecycle policy (i..e., no end of support dates). The downside is that customers must install updates and remain current, and must be covered by Software Assurance. For those who really want to stay with on-premises, this is a good day. And the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) is coming back (hooray!) albeit in a virtual format (boo!).

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Proofpoint’s Implausible Attack Against SharePoint Online

June 30, 2022
Stockpile Images Sharing in Sharepoint LOW

Proofpoint says that it’s possible to attack SharePoint Online by creating so many encrypted file versions in document libraries that it’s impossible to restore good copies. The technique is viable, but multi-factor authentication is a good way to block account compromise and stop attackers getting in and encrypting files.

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Day-to-day Management for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint  

June 29, 2022
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is not a product you roll out and forget. To get the most out of this tool on a day-to-day basis, we walk through some actions administrators should be doing to keep current with the product.

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Five Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Domain Transfers

June 28, 2022
Exchange Online Domain

Domain Name plays a vital role in your organization, because it lays the foundation to support all business applications. After you have completed your content migration during a cross-tenant consolidation project and your users are working from the new target tenant, it is time to transfer the domain name space to the remaining tenant. This post outlines the five best practices to do this.

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TEC Talk Follow-up: Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations

June 27, 2022
Office 365 tenant to tenant migration

In April, we had over 450 attendees join and ask questions in our TEC Talk on lessons learned from Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations. Get the highlights and the Q&A to the top questions asked!

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Ten Years After Acquisition, Yammer Continues Searching for a Mission inside Microsoft 365

June 23, 2022
Ten Years After Acquisition, Yammer Continues Searching for a Mission inside Microsoft 365

Ten years ago, Microsoft bought Yammer to get into the world of enterprise social networking. It was a big thing at the time, but less so now, and Yammer’s role inside Microsoft 365 is uncertain in the minds of many. Those who like Yammer get value from its use, but it does seem that Yammer has been left behind by apps like Teams.

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Powerful New Power Platform Features, New Viva Module & More: Practical 365 Podcast S3 Ep. 5

June 22, 2022

In the last show, Paul was in Copenhagen – and this week Steve is in Copenhagen. Join us as we globetrot again, before we finally manage to be in the same place for CommsVerse next week, June 29th & 30th 2022. Table of Contents A Plethora of New Power Platform FeaturesJoin Paul Robichaux and Tony […]

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How to Set Auto-Reply for Group Mailboxes with PowerShell

June 22, 2022
Exchange Online Powershell

Microsoft recently added the ability to set auto-reply for group mailboxes. In this article, we explain why you’d want to do such a thing and go through some PowerShell code to show how to set appropriate auto-reply messages for team-enabled Microsoft 365 Groups.

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Performing a Conditional Access Assessment with PowerShell

June 20, 2022
Conditional Access

Conditional access policies grow and change as the tenant grows and changes, but not all of the old policies, groups and assignments are not always tidied up, leaving complex web of policies that target different groups or apps. To gain insights into this mess, I created a PowerShell script to document not just Conditional Access policy settings, but also detail who is impacted by each policy and why.

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Microsoft Plans Automatic Upgrade of Apple Mail App Profiles

June 16, 2022
Microsoft Plans Automatic Upgrade of Apple Mail App Profiles

Tens of millions of Apple devices connect to Exchange Online user mailboxes. The mail app profile on many devices still use basic authentication, and that’s a big problem because Microsoft will start to remove support for basic authentication for EWS and EAS, the two connectivity protocols used by Apple devices, from October 1, 2022. Microsoft and Apple have come up with a cunning plan to work around the problem. Success requires some administrator intervention to make sure that the app used by Apple to update the mail app profile can work without prompting the user for consent. It’s time to act!

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Using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to Manage Third-Party Apps Better

June 15, 2022
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

I used Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps in a project with Microsoft 365 E5 licenses and realized it’s a handy and powerful tool at a reasonable price even if purchased as a standalone product. This post will outline practical use cases for using it to monitor and enforce restrictions on Microsoft 365 apps and some third-party apps to reduce the likelihood of information leakage.

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