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How to Transition from Exchange Online Mailbox Retention Policies to Microsoft 365 Retention

Exchange Online has mailbox retention policies. Microsoft 365 has retention policies and retention labels. In this article, we explore how to move away from Exchange Online retention to use Microsoft 365 retention. The transition makes it possible to use the advanced retention capabilities Microsoft is developing that will never show up in Exchange Online, so it's a good long-term goal to have even if it's not on your immediate work list.

January 20, 2022

Using Adaptive Scopes with Retention Policies for SharePoint Online Sites

Adaptive scopes are a new way to target locations for Microsoft 365 retention policies. Previously, we covered how to use scopes to find users and groups. Now, we move to describe how to use adaptive scopes to find SharePoint Online sites and OneDrive for Business accounts. The process is not quite as easy as it is to create scopes for users and groups, but once you understand how to add custom properties to sites, you're home free and easy. That is, if you have the necessary Office 365 E5 licenses to use adaptive scopes...

November 15, 2021

Why Microsoft’s Workload-Agnostic Retention Strategy Sometimes Comes Up Short for Email

Microsoft would like Office 365 tenants to use Microsoft 365 retention policies instead of Exchange Online mailbox retention policies. Their stance is reasonable because Microsoft's engineering effort is focused on workload-agnostic retention across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. However, mailbox retention policies continue to offer some advantages that aren't available in the Microsoft 365 equivalent. And they're cheaper too because they don't need Office 365 E3 or E5 licenses.

September 7, 2021