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Why Separate Microsoft 365 Administrator Accounts are Critical to Security Posture

There’s a lot of debate around the need to separate Microsoft 365 administrator accounts, especially when controls such as Privileged Identity Management exist within an organization. However, even with PIM there are remaining security concerns which necessitate the operation of separate accounts. This article explains the importance of using separate accounts; details how to target different Conditional Access policies for admin and user accounts and highlights how this approach increases your security posture and limits potential attack vectors against administrator accounts.

January 18, 2022

The Case for Azure AD Join

Despite the growing acceptance of Azure AD to manage identities, one of its main advantages as a platform that manages and secures identities is Azure AD join (AADJ), which still elicits hesitation amongst many IT professionals. This article delves into the justifications for switching to Azure AD join, breaks down some myths around it, and explains why your default position should be Azure AD join.

September 17, 2021