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Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox Audit Logging Step by Step Guide

A lot of businesses want to be able to track who accesses mailboxes in the organization, and who takes certain actions such as deleting mailbox items. This is particularly true where mailboxes are accessed by delegates, for example when a senior manager has several people who access and manage their mailbox, or for shared mailboxes such as those used by sales and support teams.

February 8, 2011

Email Spam and How Marketers Think You're Stupid

Some marketers hate the idea that they need permission to enter your inbox. They don't say it in so many words. They talk about "implied permission", and their responsibility as marketers to anticipate consumer wants and deliver relevant emails to them. And they think thats what consumers want from them.

November 19, 2010

Bruce Schneier on Certificate Authorities

“The CA system is broken, but it works because broken systems tend to be better for society, which needs fluidity in the face of complicated social constructs,” Schneier said. “Systems that are broken but work are very common in the real world: Front door locks are surprisingly pickable. Think of faxed signatures, for example. It’s […]

December 31, 2008

Well-designed security systems fail gracefully, SonicWALL does not

To quote Bruce Schneier, “well-designed security systems fail gracefully”.  This means for example when the ISA firewall service fails it closes off network connectivity entirely (ie retains security) instead of opening your entire network up (ie decreases security). This week SonicWALL’s license servers suffered a glitch rendering thousands of customer units useless and leaving the […]

December 6, 2008

SharePoint Security Resources

Microsoft provides two useful resources for MOSS security: Security for Office SharePoint Server 2007 (downloadable book) Office SharePoint Server Security Account Requirements (worksheet) Link: John Westworth’s blog on Technet

November 17, 2008

Steve Riley on hypervisor attacks

  You have to ask: is there malware on my system? You can be 100 per cent certain there is no malware that you can detect, but less than 100 per cent certain that there is no malware at all. Now, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t this true of every computer we already have? There is […]

September 5, 2008