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Project Coconut: Part 2 – Sizing the Exchange Server 2007 servers

Project Coconut is underway and the first bit of action is getting the environment up to the pre-requisites for Exchange Server 2007. The existing environment is Active Directory in Windows 2000 Native Mode, with Windows 2000 Server domain controllers, and an Exchange 2000 Server organisation also running on Windows 2000 Server member servers. Part 2 - Sizing the Exchange Server 2007 servers.

March 11, 2008

Are you getting enough IOPS in your diet?

Storage guys do not love talking about IOPS, especially when far too much attention is being paid to them by customers buying Exchange solutions.  You would think a die hard storage guy would delight in pulling out one of their many spreadsheets and calculating the optimal disk layout to meet your IOPS needs, but sadly […]

March 11, 2008