High availability for Exchange Server 2013 is a complex, challenging area with many important technical details that are often difficult to discover on your own. So it’s no surprise that high availability is a topic that generates more questions in my inbox and on Twitter than any other, and that the high availability articles on this website receive some of the highest visitor numbers.

Earlier this year I teamed up with fellow Exchange MVPs Michael Van Horenbeeck and Steve Goodman to produce an ebook that helps to fill in the gaps and teach people practical skills they can apply to the design, deployment and ongoing administration of highly available Exchange Server 2013 environments.

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of our new ebook, Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013 High Availability.

In this 250+ page ebook you’ll learn about:

  • Client Access HA topics such as namespace planning, certificate management, and load balancing
  • Mailbox HA topics such as database availability groups, site resilience, lagged copies, and autoreseed
  • Transport features and how they protect mail in transit from being lost
  • Managed Availability and how to use and interpret the health data it presents

Plus a whole lot more.

You can find out more about Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013 High Availability here.

We worked hard to write this ebook and to celebrate the launch we are offering a 20% discount for a limited time. Click here for more details.

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Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical365.com.

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