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Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 Has Been Updated to V1.16

A new version of Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 is now available for download. This update contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Shadow redundancy queues are no longer included in the transport queue size
  • Recovery DBs are now excluded from all Get-MailboxDatabase commands, to avoid issues running tests against them
  • Content index state of “Autosuspended” (introduced in recent CUs) is now catered for as a healthy state
  • Incorrect reporting of Test-ReplicationHealth results for different versions has been fixed
  • Various formatting, readability and other minor issues fixed

You can download the script from the TechNet Script Gallery. For more information on how to use Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1, please refer to this blog post.

Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul is a co-author of Office 365 for IT Pros and several other books, and is also a Pluralsight author.
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  1. TonyD says:

    Paul, I am having really really hard time getting to run in task scheduler. I followed your previous version guide and did what users have stated in the comments and nothing works for me. Can you please advice.
    Thank you

    • Think of Task Scheduler as basically a cmd.exe session. If you can get a command line to run in cmd.exe, it will be easy to put it into Task Scheduler. So start in cmd.exe until you get the full command syntax correct.

      Otherwise you’ll need to be clearer about what is not working for you.

  2. Mario says:

    Hey Paul, Thank you for the script.

    I have Exchange 2010 and 2016 currently running. Mail Flow Tests Fail on Exchange 2016 side but not 2010. I open up EMS and run “Test-MailFlow EXCH2016” and the mailflowresult comes back as Success. Any Suggestions?

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