Come and write for us! We’re looking for experienced IT professionals to join us in our Practical 365 community. Whether your experience lies within Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, EMS or anything Microsoft 365, we want you to share your practical experience. Ever spent hours working on a fix for an issue that others might face? Do you have ‘on the ground’ experience? Do you want to extend your reach, and share your knowledge with a technical community of your peers? Get in touch with us at or Twitter @Practical365.

About the Author

Steve Goodman

Technology Writer and Chief Editor for AV Content at Practical 365, focused on Microsoft 365. A 12-time Microsoft MVP, author of several technology books and regular Microsoft conference speaker. Steve works at Advania in the UK as Field Chief Technology Officer, advising business and IT on the best way to get the most from Microsoft Cloud technology.


  1. Scott Croucher

    After a chat with Steve I emailed you guys had one reply to arrange a Skype chat then no reply to email or tweets 🙁
    Was very interested in the opportunity to write for you.

    1. Steve Goodman

      Hi Scott,

      I’ve just sent you an email following up with the team. Apologies if this got missed, hopefully we can get a call arranged.


  2. Ben Maddahi

    Likewise, Would like to share some experience about O365 and Exchange.

  3. Harald

    It would be a pleasure to write for Practical365 related to M365 or Exchange.

  4. Steve Goodman

    Hi Robin,

    Great! If you are interested, get in touch via and myself and the team will be in touch. If you blog at the moment, then be sure to point us to it.


  5. Robin Nishad

    Well I would like to write about anything related to Office 365

    1. Steve Goodman

      Hi Robin,

      Excellent – get in touch with myself and the team at if you are interested.


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