Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion

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Solve Exchange Server Problems Faster

Keep your customers and end users happy by reducing downtime for your Exchange Servers with the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion.

how Exchange Server features work

how and why Exchange Server breaks

where to look when problems do occur

Solving Exchange Server problems takes more than a Google search. It needs a combination of product knowledge, and an effective troubleshooting process, to solve the problems of today and avoid the problems of tomorrow.

Paul Cunningham Microsoft MVP

When trouble strikes, the most valuable person in the room is the one who can confidently tackle the unknown. Being an effective troubleshooter is more important than being a walking encyclopedia of solutions to known issues.

IT professionals today are under increasing pressure to support a wider range of products and services.​ And even though Exchange Server is more resilient and reliable today than in the past, it has also increased in features and complexity in that time.

We all have access to the same resources – Google, Bing, TechNet, and a myriad of blogs and support communities. But ​how do you know whether the information you’ve found is accurate, up to date, and safe for you to apply to your problem?

And what do you do when nobody has seen or heard of your problem before? Or when you don’t know the questions to ask to get answers from the community?

Rather than try to cover every possible problem and solution you’ll need in the field, in the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion, we’ve taken ​a different approach. This eBook will provide you with the information you need to confidently solve any problem that you encounter.

Here’s just a few examples:​

  • ​Where to start? Chapter 1 teaches you how to be a troubleshooter, not a “troubleblaster”.
  • Active Directory errors? We’ve got you covered in chapter 2.
  • Emails not being received? Chapter 4 will walk you through troubleshooting transport.
  • Server running slow? Chapter 8 has 29 pages on performance troubleshooting just for you.
  • Database problems? Chapter 9 will guide you through your recovery options.

In This Free eBook You Will Learn:

How to apply an effective troubleshooting process to solve any problem

How understanding the relationship between Active Directory and Exchange helps you maintain a healthy environment

How Exchange Server architecture has changed, and what that means for troubleshooting

The inner workings of Exchange features such as transport, certificates, database availability groups, and many more features so that you can quickly solve real world problems

How to troubleshoot performance, hybrid, and migration issues

How to recover failed Exchange servers and databases

And a whole lot more!

Who Should Read This eBook?

With 12 chapters spanning more than 300 pages, the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion is perfect for:

  • New IT pros expected to manage or support Exchange Server
  • Experienced IT pros who may be tasked with supporting Exchange Server, though they may not have extensive experience with the product
  • Help desk staff required to support Exchange servers and clients
  • IT pros looking for practical, real-world material to complement their training

About the Authors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which version of Exchange Server does the eBook cover?

A: We’ve written the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Guide with a primary focus on Exchange Server 2013 and above. However, a large portion of the content applies equally to Exchange Server 2010 and 2007. In some cases, you might need to do a little more research to supplement what you learn from the eBook.​

​Q: Will this eBook provide me with the exact solution to my problem?

A: When we wrote the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion we didn’t set out to write an “encyclopedia” ​of Exchange errors and solutions. Instead, our goal has been to provide you with the product knowledge you need to solve problems on your own by explaining how things work, how they can break, and what to look at when there’s a problem. That said, in many of the sections in the eBook we also call out specific examples of problems and error messages that often appear in the real world. We’ve also included curated lists of the best external reference material for when you need to go even deeper.

Q: How should I use this eBook?

A: The Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion is written to be useful to you in multiple ways. You can read it cover to cover, and learn a lot about Exchange Server along the way. Or you can use it as a reference, dipping into different sections as you encounter support scenarios on the job.​

Q: Is there an Amazon Kindle version of the eBook?​

A: No.

Q: Can I see a sample of the eBook?

A: It’s free. Just download the whole thing!​