Exchange Server 2013 Best Practices

The best practices for Exchange Server 2013 are something that will develop and evolve over time.

Here are some of the current best practices available for Exchange 2013.

Exchange Server 2013 Best Practices Guide

The Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices Guide from Microsoft Press was very popular and an excellent reference.

Unfortunately, it does not look like we’ll ever see a published best practices guide for Exchange Server 2013. However, you can find out more about this topic on my Exchange Server best practices page.

Exchange Server 2013 Best Practices Analyzer

At present there is only a beta release of a BPA for Exchange Server 2013, which requires an Azure AD login (but not an Office 365 tenant) to access.

Exchange Server 2013 Sizing Best Practices

The Exchange product group has published some sizing guidance for Exchange Server 2013.

Virtualization Best Practices for Exchange Server 2013

Virtualization is an area that needs strict adherence to best practices both for support and performance reasons.

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