On the show this week, Jon Jarvis, Microsoft MVP and expert in Intune, Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance (and more) joins us to answer our burning questions after his recent blog post on the site. Should you be on-boarding your older machines that pre-date your Intune implementation, or re-building them? And, what’s the best way to approach migrating your existing GPOs across to Intune if you are using tooling to move your devices from AD joined to Entra ID only?

And of course, a show wouldn’t be complete without some of the most pressing Microsoft 365-related news, so find out about the new Copilot (and Microsoft 365 Search) features that you might find helpful if you’ve discovered that there are far more openly accessible SharePoint sites than first imagined.

Restricted SharePoint Search is on the Way, but Don’t Assume it Will be Your Key to Simplifying Copilot Data Governance

Many Microsoft MVPs are over in Redmond this week, which means there’s not the usual plethora of Microsoft announcements – and news about Microsoft’s potential compromise warrants a little more thought before we dive into it on the show.

However, a new feature is on the way to Copilot for Microsoft 365; or more correctly, for Enterprise Search. One of the most common challenges enterprise customers face when considering enabling Copilot is not that there is a problem with data governance; it’s that they don’t know the scale of over-sharing and unprotected data, and they don’t know how Copilot will act upon it.

One rather unsavoury option of course is to disable enterprise search results from being used by Copilot; however, this undermines the product somewhat. A better (and more common approach) is to assess the situation and then, with knowledge of the pilot groups, make a determination about the risk faced, and what timelines are needed to resolve it.

A third option comes with Restricted SharePoint Search. This affects both SharePoint and OneDrive and allows a curated list of approved sites to surface in search results & Copilot, alongside results from OneDrive or files shared directly between colleagues.

It’s an almightly big plaster that isn’t ideal – but it’s helpful to know if you are facing pressure from the business to roll out Copilot, but push-back from colleagues in your compliance team.

We Talk Intune with Jon Jarvis

Microsoft MVP, and all-around nice chap, Jon Jarvis recently published The Critical Need for Integrating Devices with Intune on Practical 365, and it’s proving popular. So naturally we had to have him on the show for a chat. You can (and should) read his article, but on the show, we delved into some of the objections to integrating existing Windows devices that had been managed by either nothing or a third-party product prior to your Intune implementation. Almost following on from the conversation with Becky Cross on the previous show, I ask Jon’s take on this and whether he’s in the camp of “rebuild all the machines” or prefers remediation & onboarding; and we discuss how to remediate or bring across older policies those machines rely upon too.

We’ll be Filming at TEC and Recording Next Week

It’s TEC Europe next week (18th – 21st March 2024) and I’ll be there presenting two sessions, including one session that will help you protect your Entra ID against threats you might not have considered – and if the stars align, we’ll also be recording on the conference floor too. Keep an eye out for the Quest video team, who are helping Practical 365 get your thoughts on some burning topics, and of course, if you are there make sure you attend all the fantastic TEC speaker sessions, like my fellow Practical 365’er Tony Redmond.

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