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Getting the Most out of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Policies

This article examines the different components of Defender for Office 365, and how you can customize the configuration beyond the baselines to enhance the relevance and impact the policies have on your tenant. The most important aspects to review when modifying the configuration from baselines and the reasons to consider each configuration option are highlighted, but they don’t take you all the way. The items listed here are a subset of what’s available, but when combined with the baselines will help you to bring your Defender implementation to the next level.

October 1, 2021

Evaluating Anti-Spam Software

I used to do some work for a customer who’s idea of running an evaluation of a new system was to pick one product, put it in, then if it sort of worked good enough to just buy that one.  Over the long term some of these choices turned out to be less than ideal. […]

May 28, 2009

Backscatter Spam and Exchange Server 2007

Over at AllSpammedUp.com I've written an article on protecting both yourself and others from backscatter spam. Backscatter spam is also known as NDR spam and is the result of address spoofing combined with spam addressed to invalid recipients. As an Exchange administrator you want to be sure you aren't contributing to the problem with your own email server. Read the article to find out how to avoid send NDR spam to others.

April 30, 2009