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Many Successes and a Few Hiccups in the First Five Years of Microsoft Teams

In November 2016, Microsoft launched the preview version of a new application they called Teams. General availability duly came on March 14, 2017. Five years later, there's no denying the success of Teams and its influence across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Along with the success, Teams has had its glitches and failures, but the overall balance sheet is very positive.

March 14, 2022

Teams Consumer Gets a New Boss Just in Time to Deliver Windows 11 Client

Microsoft has hired a new boss to lead development of Teams consumer. This is the version bundled in Windows 11 based on a new client architecture. But as we explain here, while Microsoft will ship a nice new consumer Teams client in Windows 11, there's a bunch of work to be done to ship an enterprise Teams client built on the new architecture. Don't expect this client to appear when Windows 11 ships.

August 19, 2021