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Microsoft / Office 365 News

  • Improving Migrations Using Data Consistency Scoring or DCS
    • Historically, you were able to define the ‘Bad Item Limit’ or ‘Large Item Limit” to set the number or size of items that you, are okay with dropping during migrations. Once reached, the migration stopped.
    • The problem is that this implementation has limited capabilities to alert you when there are bad items that the end-user will notice, or significant amounts of truly ‘bad items”.
    • The new Data Consistency Scoring (DCS): Based on the number and type of data inconsistencies detected, the migrations will be graded as Perfect, Good, Investigate, or Poor.
    • Perfect does mean there are No inconsistencies identified during migration, Poor is when a major data loss was detected.
    • If the migration reaches a grade of Investigate, you can use the Set-MigrationBatch -ApproveSkippedItems cmdlet to continue
    • If the migration fails with a grade of Poor, you cannot force the migration to succeed. You need to contact Microsoft in order to continue.
    • Any new migration batch that is started without a value set for Bad Item Limit or Large Item Limit will use the DCS method.

Message Center Updates

  • MC200112 – Update: Blocking sensitive information in notifications for Outlook for iOS is delayed. For iOS, this capability is dependent on Apple’s notification encryption service being available to all Office 365 customers.
    • The ability to block sensitive data from notifications for Outlook for Android is generally available and supported as planned last December.
  • MC200232 – Updated Feature: end-user access to a phishing email: With this update, end-users will now be able to access phishing email within Quarantine. However, only admins, not end-users, will be able to access High confidence phishing emails within Quarantine.
  • MC200243 – New Feature: Enhanced scheduling experience in Teams: In Microsoft Teams client, the existing scheduling form will be updated with multiple new features, including improved scheduling assistant, time zone picker, availability status on people and locations, option to add required and optional attendees, and more. This feature will roll-out in mid-February 2020 and completes Roadmap item 54364.
  • MC195023 – New Feature: Welcome a new colleague into Teams: ‘Colleague joined Teams’ notifications in Microsoft Teams settings.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Updates

  • 51552 – Teams read receipts are now rolling out, so you will soon be able to see when a message was read by the recipients in your private chats.

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