When connecting to the web enrollment page for Windows Server 2003 Certificate Services from a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 client you may encounter this warning message.

The certificate enrollment page you are attempting to access cannot be used with this version of Windows. To enable Web certificate enrollment for clients running Windows Vista, your administrator must update all Windows CA Web enrollment pages.

Update Required for Windows 2003 Certificate Services Web Enrollment for Windows 7/2008 Clients

This is due to an ActiveX control used by the web enrollment pages that has been deprecated in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

To fix the issue install this hotfix from Microsoft on the Windows Server 2003 server that has Certificate Services installed.

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Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical365.com.


  1. ServerAdmin

    Helps if you put an actual site that has the update vs one that just explains that u need an update with no link or reference. Microsoft really knows how to be retarded with common sense.

        1. BakingFast

          Hey guys, thanks for the help!

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