This blog is based on the transcript from this video with MVPs Sigi Jagott & Tom Arbuthnot.

So, what you should look out for at Ignite? There’s going to be lots of focus on Microsoft Teams and meetings, such as best practices, and what’s new in meetings.

What you need to remember is this is a huge event and you won’t be able to attend everything, however, all the sessions are recorded and uploaded to Stream.

Tom’s advice is to try and hit the sessions where you want to meet the presenter, also try and spend some time on the floor meeting vendors and experts because you can always watch the session back later, but you can’t meet people again, and meeting the people is a key part of Ignite you’ll benefit from.

If you have spare time, Sigi advises you check out the area where you can watch all the sessions from Ignite at once, here, you can jump between the sessions because you’re watching the recordings.

From an Exchange perspective, there’s a couple of interesting sessions there, one of the most Sigi looks forward to is the news on the Exchange Admin Center, which you can find on the session list.

There are a lot of MVP sessions at the event, where you’ll get a lot more insight, rather than ones that are product, marketing and announcement focused. MVPs tend to tune their sessions to actual projects they have worked on and real-world experiences.

Tom Arbuthnot’s speaking at Ignite so you can meet him there. Look out for both his theatre sessions:

  • Troubleshooting Tips for Teams
  • Success and best practices in Teams

He’ll be around before and after his sessions to discuss anything covered.  

In Tom’s role, he has a large focus on Microsoft Teams and Collaboration. So, his session on Troubleshooting Tips for Teams is a session based on actual experiences, how to look at the logs, how to troubleshoot direct routing. A short, sharp session but you’ll come away with actual things you can do in your environment. It’s targeted at IT Pros and focused on someone rolling out Teams or managing Teams, or the Teams servicing or that kind of role.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more articles on what to look out for at Microsoft Ignite. In the meantime, you can check how this ‘How to get your Team on Teams’ guide for Admin advice on managing Microsoft Teams.

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