Author: Mike Weaver

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Migrating On-Prem Active Directory Computer Accounts to Azure AD

In the very early Windows NT Days, we had computer accounts connected to domain controllers. This provided the early building blocks of securing data and computers in company networks.  Since then, our entire digital landscape has transformed.  With modern networking and cloud adoption across so much of our world, it makes sense for our computer accounts to make the move from on-prem Active Directory (AD) to Azure Active Directory (AAD).

September 1, 2022

P365 Goes to Commsverse!

Mike Weaver, Paul Robichaux and Steve Goodman head to Commsverse on Sept 15 & 16 at Mercedez-Benz World just outside of London, UK. Learn more about the hybrid conference as well as the session that Mike and Paul are hosting together - 'Teams Tenant-to-Tenant Challenges: It Just Keeps Getting Worse!'

September 13, 2021

How to Plan Your Slack-to-Teams Project

Successful migration projects necessitate extensive planning, and a Slack-to-Teams migration project is no different. The good news is there are some basic things you can do in Slack to scope your project's complexity and drive your plan. This article gives practical advice on how to scope your Slack environment and make your Teams Migration plan.

April 20, 2021