Paul Robichaux, Steve Goodman and I are heading to Commsverse on Sept 15th & 16th, an independent Microsoft Teams-focused event. Parallel to the P365 mantra of providing practical advice, the conference will be full of community speakers offering current best practices and fostering discussion around the issues of today.

The event is hosted live from Mercedes-Benz World just outside London, UK. So, the real question is – will we get Paul behind the wheel of a left-side driving supercar?!

Talking Teams

Paul and I will be hosting a session on Tenant-to-Tenant migrations, “Teams Tenant-to-Tenant Challenges: It Just Keeps Getting Worse!” This will be held on September 16th at 9AM BST.

During the session, we will discuss updated and current advice on how to tackle these difficult projects. Although the problems keep getting worse, our goal is to provide you with some tactics to help regain control and keep your migration on track.

Aside from our session, if you take a look at the sessions and the speaker list you’ll see a lot of familiar names – many P365 contributors will also be speaking at the event.

Not Your Typical Conference

Mark Vale, one of the event organizers, explains more – “The biggest USP [Unique Selling Proposition] of Commsverse is that we wanted to create an experience that is much more than sessions and an expo hall. We want people to come and feel like they are part of a family with like-minded people sharing common interests in an environment that allows people to naturally come together and break down networking barriers.

We designed the conference to be premium and ‘different’ to traditional free events.  We are focused on bringing that special ingredient that feels much more personal to each attendee. We have great food, lots of networking time and lots of prizes to be won through raffles and competitions. We have the Pexip Infinity Cup and the Zapappi Driver Challenge where people can compete in a friendly manner to win some epic prizes.”

We’ve also heard that in lieu of a an ‘Escape Room’ due to COVID concerns, there will be an ‘Escape Table.’ Stay tuned for more on that…

Hybrid Opportunities

This will be a hybrid event, meaning there’s also a virtual component along with the in-person event – and the organizers are doing an incredible amount of work to keep people safe so the in-person conference can continue.

Mark elaborates, “The biggest thing is that we are hybrid now. This means we have an MTR in each session room hooked up to room AV that allows remote attendees to watch a session live and participate in it with full audio and video. We offer this for free and worldwide. This way we can accommodate people’s feelings with regards to in-person events while keeping community content democratized and free to consume to whoever would find it useful.”

If you live in the UK and want to attend in person, be ready for an amazing experience in a unique space – even the menu looks very posh! The organizers have put huge effort into every detail of the event. The result is an amazing line-up of content in a space that will foster great networking and collaboration opportunities.  If you can snag up one of the remaining in-person tickets, you definitely should. 

If you can’t make your way there, you can sign up for a free virtual ticket as well. All details can be found here:

Steve Goodman, Paul Robichaux, and I will be recording the Practical 365 podcast together from the event. In addition to the normal news, we will cover the highlights from the conference with some bonus content to come out over the next few weeks.

So, stay tuned, strap in, and get ready for Commsverse! If you see us walking around, please stop by and say hello!

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Mike Weaver

Mike is a Senior Product Manager at Quest.  Mike specializes in Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations and PST migration projects. With a wealth of experience in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (MAD), Mike often writes about technology solutions and personnel considerations to ensure both successful integration and adoption.  Mike can also be found on Twitter (@MADMike_365) or from time to time on his blog (

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