Author: Nicolas Blank

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Building Exchange 2019 Lab Environments

Exchange Server on-premises organizations need somewhere to test scenarios for updating, testing configurations, and running occasional “what-if” testing. This article provides guidance on notable alternatives for delivering suitable Exchange 2019 lab environments - without breaking the bank.

March 30, 2022

Is Your ISP Lying to You?

How do you know if your network is routing your office 365 traffic optimally? Using three tools that you own today, Nicolas Blank shows us how to understand what your ISP or your corporate network is up to.

June 24, 2021

Managing Office 365 Quarantine Confusion

The email quarantine process is as old as email itself, and still an essential part of any email service. As far as Office 365 is concerned, Exchange Online is a world-class product and the quarantine mechanism works well, however, the current iteration of the Quarantine portal falls short in user experience and performance.

June 10, 2021