Dan lets us know that the book Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy written by local guru Preston De Guise is available now.  The book is a platform-agnostic guide to comprehensive backup and recovery systems and should be compulsory reading for IT decision makers.

In the author’s own words:


Instead of focusing on any individual backup product, this book recommends corporate procedures and policies that need to be established for comprehensive data protection.

It provides relevant information to any organisation, regardless of which operating systems or applications are deployed, what backup system is in place, or what planning has been done for business continuity.

It explains how backup must be included in every phase of system planning, development, operation, and maintenance. It also provides techniques for analyzing and improving current backup system performance.

9781420076394I’ve tangled with many different backup systems in my career and in at least half of those environments the problems with the backup systems were not due to sloppy implementation, rather they were due to unclear corporate policies and lack of high level support for a proper investment in data protection.

Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy covers everything from basic concepts, common myths, human responsibilities, retention policies, recovery strategies, handling of media, through to advanced enterprise concepts, how to provide documentation and training, and how to monitor an enterprise backup system.

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