pst-files-cover-full-final-mediumThis is a short excerpt from a new eBook that I worked on with QUADROtech, creators of the PST FlightDeck solution for identification, migration, and elimination of PST files. You can download a free copy of this eBook from QUADROtech, and get started with eradicating PST files from your network by visiting this webpage.

Today many Exchange administrators view PSTs as a problem rather than a benefit. And indeed, if left in an uncontrolled state, PSTs can quickly become a problem for many companies, whether they realize it or not. And many organizations do not realize the problem they have on their hands, which creates a challenge for the IT departments to get agreement from the business stakeholders that some investment of time and budget is necessary to solve the problem.

However, armed with the right information, a strong case can be made by IT to convince the decision makers to choose the right course of action. To help provide you with the information that you’ll need to make your case let’s take a look at some of the problems that can arise through the use of PSTs in a modern corporate network, including:

  • The PST file format itself is inefficient, consuming very large quantities of disk storage.
  • PSTs are prone to corruption, creating a support burden for your IT team.
  • PSTs are difficult to protect with traditional backups when stored on local computer hard drives, or cause an increased backup storage footprint when stored in centralized locations such as file servers.
  • PSTs are insecure, and vulnerable to unauthorized access due to weak encryption and password protection options.
  • Maintaining visibility and discoverability of PST file data is nearly impossible without a large investment of manual effort or specialised tools.
  • These problems create a very high potential cost for any organization that has corporate data stored in PSTs today.

These problems exist for any organization that allows their users to store information in PSTs. The only variable is the scale of the problem, which may be minor for a small to mid-size business, but could well be a major problem for a large enterprise environment.

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