Update: the first module for the Exchange 2013 Boot Camp is available free to Exchange Server Pro Insiders.

Almost two years ago I asked whether people would be interested in some Exchange Server 2010 video training. After a strong response I ended up creating the Exchange 2010 Boot Camp. Since then over 2500 people have signed up for the training (and more have watched the free videos after I moved those to YouTube).

Since the launch of Exchange Server 2013 I have been asked quite regularly whether I will create another boot camp for Exchange 2013.

The answer is yes… if it is something that people still want, and can be delivered in a way that works.

You see things have changed a lot in the last two years. Back then I would have suggested buying a cheap but reasonably powerful server and a TechNet subscription to use for your self-paced training.

These days desktop and laptop hardware is powerful enough, and SSD storage cheap enough, that people are able to easily run multiple VMs on their main computer. And of course, TechNet subscriptions are now dead, so more and more people will be forced to use time-limited trial software for their training.

So to make this work I need to know what sort of equipment and environment you have available, and how you’d prefer to take on Exchange 2013 training.

I’m not going to run a complicated survey for this, I will just ask that you leave a comment below to let me know whether you’re interested, whether you have resources available to train on, and what you’d like to see in an Exchange 2013 boot camp.

About the Author

Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical365.com.


  1. Asif

    Thanks Paul for doing this.
    Yes I am interested in too.
    I have HP Laptop with i7 16GB + 500GB/SSD.

  2. Stephane Favre

    YES YES YES!!!! Got sufficient resources, migrations to 2013.

  3. Mohamed Ramadan

    I’m In for sure, Please Do 🙂

  4. Webster Yuen

    I can’t wait Exchange 2013 boot camp, please please please make it happens.


  5. Avatar photo
    Paul Cunningham

    For those waiting to hear more about this, the first lessons have been uploaded for access in the Exchange Server Pro Insiders member area here:


    If you’re not already signed up as an Insider you can join for free and get immediate, free access to those first lessons.

    I plan to have more lessons released in the coming weeks. Insiders will be the first to know 🙂

  6. Sola

    Hi Paul,

    I am interested, I have an i7 lapotop with 16gb ram and 1TB hard disk. Please let me know when.

    Many thanks,


  7. Prem

    Very Much Interested in the Exchange 2013 Boot camp

  8. Gabriele Massari

    Yep, I’d really love a 2013 bootcamp. I have a desktop running esxi 5.1 at work hosting a lab environment to play with.

  9. Michael Bender

    Hi Paul,

    I have my students use your free 2010 Bootcamp to learn the basics of exchange and would love to see a 2013 version. Our lab environments, along with most students home PCs, support multiple VM virtualization. We use VMware workstation in all of our labs, but desktop virtualization platform isn’t as relevant.


    Michael Bender
    Madison College

  10. Md.Abubakar

    Hi paul,

    I’m interested in the Bootcamp


  11. Lex

    I’m in. We want to move the company to use exchange 2013 but this thing is a beast. I’ve had some basic training already but we have 4 domains and we want to be able to receive and also SEND from all 4 domains permanently. It’s not an option. It has to be done. We have multiple staff members who work for all 4 company names. I think exchange roll out for this kind of scenario looks complicated. We have all the equipment needed and software needed.

  12. James

    I would definitely be interested in the Exchange 2013 bootcamp

  13. George

    I’d be very much interested in learning about Exchange 2013. I have a used server from eBay (HP DL 160 G6 with 4X160 GB hard disks and 32 GB of RAM) with a VMware ESXi 5.1 setup. I consider myself very lucky, as I also have access to MSDN because of job.

    As I have limited knowledge of Exchange and a bit more experience of Exchange Online, I am interested in learning how to set up, configure and maintain a healthy Exchange 2013 server.

    A bit of your advanced knowledge is very welcome! 🙂

    Thank you in advance, Paul!

  14. Rob Highcock

    I’d definitely be interested in Boot Camp.

    We have 2010 but need to replace our server(s) and would like to move to 2013.

  15. Jacqueline Akinbobola

    Hi Paul,
    Would be interested in a boot camp session. Used a lot of your material to upgrade from 2007 to 2010 so will need help for 2013 also!

  16. Ausaf

    I would prefer to take online training if thata any convenient for yourself and others. Otherwise, perhaps we all can pool-in and buy your time for this purpose, say 2-3 days!!

  17. Ausaf

    Yes, I am interested in Exch 2013 boot camp and will be tesing it on my laptop with VM player running on it.

  18. seansheep75

    Yes Please – your stuff is a great inspiration

  19. Mansoor

    Yes.. I would be very interested In a bootcamp….

  20. Jimmy Wong

    Excellent Idea

  21. TDG

    We already use Exchange 2013 (from 2007) & I’m finding that what were once simple tasks (e.g. calendar permissions/delegates/etc) now need cmdlets to do anything!! What were once best practices are not any longer. & yes, ours is a company with a training budget of $0…

  22. Steffen

    Bootcamp would be great. Regards Steffen

  23. Shaun

    Hi Paul

    Cant wait for the Next bootcamp

  24. Laurie 2

    Yes interested… we just migrated from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2013, but could use some additional resources.

  25. Laurie

    Yes a boot camp would be great. Please include info on exchange 2013 and publishing through UAG?
    VMs and trial software would work for me

  26. Chris & Gustavo

    What up Paul, yeah we’d be like mad interested in an ES ’13 Booty Camp. Hook us up with yo crazy skills. We got the VM environment for testing and even some old school HP’s we can tear up.

    C & G

  27. Michael Skitt

    Hi Paul,

    I would be interested, I have a i7 with 16 Gb of RAM, running windows 8.1 with Hyper-V.


  28. Charlie Airey

    Hi Paul.

    Yes I would be very interested In a bootcamp. I have a small 2 node Hyper-V Cluster which can be used as a lab.


  29. Wes

    Yes i am interested. Need it now.

  30. Paul Miner

    I would definitely be interested. I would either run VMs on a Redhat server I have with VMware, or preferably my laptop with 32 GB memory, an i7, a 128 GB SSD and a 500 GB 720 RPM drive. I would really like to have it self-paced since taking a week or 2 off would be a big impact.

  31. Dee Dee

    YES.. Please…

  32. Anish

    Yes pls..

  33. Robert O'Gorman

    Paul, yes please do. Also if you would like help in getting the course content and material together; Please email me; ogormrob@gmail.com My areas of expertise are dedicated versus cloud email solutions, email security and tie in of Exchange with Unified Messaging.

  34. JimR60

    Hi Paul!

    Yes, most definitely. I have all necessary equipment to stage whatever training environment is required. Please let me know what timeframe you’re thinking about and if there is any associated costs.

    Thank you!

  35. Hitesh

    I would really be interested in an Exchange 2013 boot Camp

  36. Dave Anderson

    I could really use an Exchange 2013 boot-camp even though I have already installed it in our test environment and have also done some integration with our Office 365 hybrid implementation.
    Thanks for all your great work on the site!

  37. Peter Carroll

    Hi Paul
    I would be interested in a boot camp training on Exchange 2013. Thank you.

  38. Michael Roth

    Hi Paul,

    I’m in higher education with multiple locations, so I would be very interested in learning about best practices for deploying 2013 across those sites, especially focusing on hybrid environments with Office 365 and site resiliency. I have a laptop, desktop, and server with enough resources for a small test Exchange environment using Hyper-V and would prefer live online training.

    Thanks for all your support!

  39. Josh

    THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! So glad you asked. I too would love to hear upgrade paths from 07 and 10, DAG, HA and do’s/don’t from your experience with this new platform. Eagerly await the ’13 Bootcamp so sign me up! I’m flexible on hardware by Hyper-V will probably be involved.

  40. Kerry Knopp

    Great idea. I enjoyed the last one and would really like to get more info on 2013.

  41. remco bosveld

    The 2010 bootcamp was an amazing resource,
    Looking forward to the 2013 bootcamp.


    Yes i am interested in the bootcamp

  43. Sham

    Hello Paul,
    I am interested in Exchange 2013 boot camp. Since you’re very skilled Exchange admin I would suggest if you can create the boot camp training that highlight all the features in Exchange 2013 and migrations if possible from Exchange 2007 or 2010 so everyone can have a very good understanding of Exchange 2013 after taking your class. Regarding equipment for lab, with virtualization as you already know we can do so much with a decent workstation, laptop or a single server. Do you have any idea when your Exchange 2013 boot camp will be available?


  44. Zoubeir

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for this second intiative. I would definitely be interested in your Ms Exchange 2013 boot camp.
    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 2 x 73 Gb SAS HDD with 24 Gb of RAM. I also have a NAS with 1 Tb of space so ressources are not an issue for me 😉


  45. Rescue Leokeng

    I am more than interested.

  46. Fred Laidman


    It’ll be great to have that boot camp, specially upgrading from 2010 to 2013 and HA design and implementation. Thanks a bunch for sharing the wisdom

  47. Will

    Definitely interested!

  48. Sahin Boluk

    Hi Paul,

    I’m interested and have the resources as well. What I’d like to see is upgrading from 2010 to 2013 and the new Public Folder feature.

  49. Gautham Dhayalan

    Eagerly Awaiting!!!

  50. Scott

    I would be very interested in an Exchange 2013 server bootcamp. I have a laptop with 16GB RAM and plenty of storage enough to run multiple VM’s. Just say the word 🙂

  51. Marc


    I have a workstation with 32Gb + 4Tb disk + i7. 😉
    I have several virtual machines on VMware workstation.

    You can create a bootcamp for Exchange 2013 and another one for Exchange PowerShell troubleshooting. 🙂

  52. Bill Boisvenue

    I would be interested in Exchange 2013 boot camp and have no issues with resources to run multiple VM’s.

  53. Jason Rose

    I am really Interested in an Exchange Server 2013 Boot Camp, thank you

  54. Wim de Jong

    Hi Paul,
    Definitely interested!, i`am going to buy a new desktop pc in the next few weeks so hardware shoudnt be a problem, Migrating from 2007 or 2010 to 2013 would be a great topic i think.
    Thank you for your contribution to the Excange community

  55. Ben J

    Defintely interested Paul. Have a laptop with 16GB, VMware Workstation with DC and Exchange 2013 ready to go. Ready when you are 😉

  56. Jaime Romaguera

    Yes I would be interested 🙂

  57. Roger Norberg

    Yes, I am interested in participating in that boot camp.

  58. Taiwo

    I am so interested in the boot camp and cant wait.

    I’ll be hoping to learn more about the DAG configuration and other management features i’m sure will be new with Exchange Server 2012

  59. Michael


    I am definitely interested. Planning to migrate from 2007 to 2013 but am concerned about 3rd party app compatibility among other things.

  60. Junaid

    I really look forward to it. Very Interested.

  61. Riaan

    Yes please.

  62. Mathew

    I am interested

  63. Günter

    I am interested.
    i have a multi-boot-system where i can chosse vmwareor hpyer-V 2012 R2 with 32 GIG RAM and an Raid 10 for vhd.
    Migration would be a great topic and HA

    Greetings Günter

  64. James Forbis

    I am interested. I have full ESX lab for training use. Migration methods in bootcamp would be helpful.

  65. Marlon

    Very Interested!!!

  66. Cameron Dench

    I’d definitely be interested – esp covering co-existence scenarios and migration tips and tricks.

  67. Ravi Thacker

    Yes i am very much interested in boot camp !! 🙂

  68. José Palomeque

    totally interested!!

  69. Joey Jakubiak

    Definitely interested!

    1. Joey Jakubiak

      I have 2 Dell Servers I can use to train on.

  70. Susan Campbell

    Definitely interested! Would be interested in migration tips for moving Exchange 2010 to 2013, and as mentioned by others, configuration steps and PowerShell commands useful for installation and configurations.

    Thank you *very much* for your contributions to the Exchange community! I am returning to a Microsoft shop after being away from it for a while, so your site has been indispensable to helping me get back up to speed.

  71. Naresh B

    Yes, I’m interested…Count me IN 🙂

  72. nnatic

    i am also interested!

  73. John

    After the NSA PRISM revelations many companies are going Exchange 2013 On-Premises.
    So YES we want Exchange 2013 On-Premises training 🙂

  74. Bo Bulger

    Paul, yes, I am interested in the Exchange 2013 Boot Camp. I have an Alienware 17M that runs a small lab domain via Oracle VirtualBox. I primarily would like to see coexistence and upgrade to 2013 from 2010 and the benefits of Public Folders in the DAG. The Exchange 2010 Boot Camp was excellent and useful resource for this old Linux guy to catch up on the world of Microsoft.

  75. Eddie

    I’m interested too. Particularly 2010 to 2013 migrations.

  76. Wolfgang

    Would love to see how to size a HA solution between two datacenters, and see how failover works, and whats available after one datacenter goes down etc. There’s so less video documentation on that on the web.

  77. Kenneth_D

    Yes, please do. The Exchange 2010 Boot Camp was great.

  78. Danny Lo

    yes I would please. Thanks for all your contribution to the Exchange community

  79. Patrick Hoban

    Very interested. Dell Precision M4700 laptop can handle quite a few VM so I should be good. Thank you for your constant contribution to the community.

  80. Mary

    I would be very interested in a boot camp. Especially, running Exchange in a virtual environment, server certificates and database sizing.

  81. Dogmandfds

    Hello Paul,

    I’d definitely like to see a Exchange 2013 bootcamp.
    I would love to see a comprehensive step by step guide covering the common configuration steps needed to set up up a working environment, post Exchange 2013 install.
    Something that expands upon the “Microsoft Exchange 2013 Deployment Assistant”, and goes into more detail about configuring client access options: URL’s, certificates, external DNS, autodiscover, testing and troubleshooting client access…..etc.
    Many thanks

  82. geezbill

    Good afternoon Paul. Yes i would be very interested in this as 2013 is quite a departure administrative wise. I’m using an ASUS Laptop currently. I have ESXI 5.5 installed as well as Workstation 9. My machine has a Core i7 with 32GB Ram and 2TB of SSD. I ‘ve been able to successfully stage cross forest migrations as well as rich coexistence 2003-2007-2010. Keep me posted. Many thanks.

  83. Danny Lo

    Yes I would be very much interested thanks

  84. Scott

    Very interested. HA, Coexistance, Lync integration would be great areas to cover.


  85. Juan Martinez

    I am interested in the exchange server 2013 boot camp. Please put it on.

  86. Ram

    I am very much interested in this ..


  87. Mike B

    I would definitely like to see this. I am lucky enough to have plenty of hardware at work that I can use for labs, i.e. several desktop PCs and old servers so that’s not an issue.
    As far as what I’m looking for in the training, would this be geared toward preparing for a Microsoft cert exam? Exam prep material would be great.

  88. Phil Waller


    i thought the last ones on 2010 were superb!



  89. Keith K.

    Sounds like a great idea, definitely interested. I’m about to build a new lab so I’ll be ready sometime soon.

  90. Kamran

    I have a lab environment available at my work and its real servers for the labs with virtualization. I am very interested in your boot camp.

  91. Mike Taggart

    Yes, I am interested in participating in that boot camp.

  92. Marcel

    I am interested to. I am also interesing in High Availibilty.

  93. sysadmin

    A bootcamp would be great! I’ve setup 2*Hyper-V nodes with 32 GB RAM each so I can setup a DAG and also som virtual load balancers to use. So discussing High Availibilty would be great!

  94. Bjorn Houben

    Could really use this training, so I’m looking forward to it. I have a lab environment and just need to get started from the basics.

  95. Karolis

    Hi Paul,

    Of course I am interested also. I have old HP server with ESXi 5.1 for a lab. (could probably upgrade to 5.5 if needed)

  96. Martin Poglin

    I am absolutely interessted in a Bootcamp!
    That would be great.

  97. Michael

    I am interested. I am actually going for my MCSE Exchange 2013 and this would be really helpful since i am beginning to enjoy exchange.

    I have resources available (at work we have created a lab)

    Let me know and once more i am super interested.

  98. Gb

    We are about to move from 2007 to 2013, so I’d love to see something like this. I think anyone with a few machines laying around would have enough hardware for a lab environment. I have two core i5 desktops and a laptop, between virtualization and cheap hyperv capable hardware, a ‘good enough’ lab should be easy to pull off. Thanks for even considering this.
    Maybe you could let us know your thoughts on bare-minimum hardware requirements, then folks could shout out whether or not they could meet those reqs.
    Thanks, again.

  99. Steen


    I would be very interesting in a 2013 bootcamp. Especially anything about HA, no more CAS array, round robin vs. hw load balancer. Why does Outlook connect the way it does (guid@domain.com), name spaces now vs. then (2010) Anything “in depth” would be great. Forget about all the “how to create a user” and “how to login to the eac” stuff 🙂

    I am running a Core i7, 16Gb ram and 300GB SSD. It’s cabable of more than a handfull of servers and a client. Right now I am running 1dc, 2 cas/mb, 1 kemp vlm and 1 client and I am only consuming half of the resources.


  100. Richard Voogt

    Hello Paul, I have Windows 8 so a hyper-V session is verry easy to use.
    I would like to see al the powershell commands needed to install a standard Exchange 2013 server.

  101. Andrew Laxton

    Hi Paul,

    I would definitely be interested in your Exchange 2013 boot camp

    I have both a desktop machine running VMware workstation and an old desktop running ESXI 5.1

    I would like to see topics on PowerShell such as deploying Exchange as it has become a daily requirement and I personally do not have a 2013 environment to work with and who I work for is now on Domino

    I have used your existing PowerShell scripts and they have helped in many scenarios

    Other area’s would be HA and this is probably a bit beyond, but SharePoint and Lync integration would be good as I have yet to see Unified Communication in full flow.



  102. Rafik

    Please do.

    Stratification to levels would be great. Most small businesses and their consultants would need quick videos explaining the most commonly-used, commonly-needed features for,say, a 20-user system, while others may need higher-end education on enterprise-level functions.

    Among the subjects that would be great, too, are licensing, upgrade paths, hosted-vs-in-house, no to mention integration with previous versions.

    Looking forward to it.

  103. David Borg

    I am interested. I have a laptop with i7, 8GB memory, 500GB SSD available. I would really like to see the differences in architecture planning and maybe some on sizing the environment. We are migrating from 2010 to 2013 and sizing is one area that I am finding I lack a little.

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