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What Now for Exchange 2013 Customers as End of Support Deadline Looms?

Exchange 2013 support ends on April 11, 2023. After that, Microsoft will not make fixes for security or functionality problems available to customers. It's time to make the decision to upgrade to Exchange 2019 or move to Exchange Online. Most organizations will find that Exchange Online is the right choice. Exchange 2019 is appropriate for organizations that have the right skills, experience, and investment to run a secure Exchange service.

January 30, 2023

The Practical 365 Update – Episode 34: Why we still need to talk about Exchange

For the first episode of 2022, Paul Robichaux and I didn't think we'd still be talking about Microsoft Exchange. But, here we are - as with the new year, new problems in Exchange On-Premises greeted Exchange admins. On the show this week we discuss Y2K22 first, and then take a deep dive into why 2022 is beginning, yet again, with Exchange On-Premises issues.

January 7, 2022

Attack on Exchange Servers Gives Impetus to Move Email to the Cloud

The Hafnium attack on thousands of on-premises Exchange servers is a wake-up call for their administrators and the organizations using the email service. Ten years ago, it was a reasonable decision to stay on-premises. Five years ago, you could argue the same case and companies with bad network connectivity to the internet or specific security requirements were happy to stay on-premises. Now? In a world of increasing threat, staying on-premises looks a lot more risky. For most, it's time to move to the cloud.

March 8, 2021