After configuring the Client Access servers we can next turn our attention to configuring the Exchange 2013 Mailbox servers.

The Exchange Server Pro organization is planning to deploy a database availability group spanning two datacenters. However in this initial phase, only the DAG members in Datacenter1 will be provisioned. The DAG will be extended to Datacenter2 later.


The server and storage layout has already been determined from the server sizing exercise. In particular, because we plan to use AutoReseed the correct database storage layout has been configured.

The DAG has been provisioned and the database copies have been configured. For more information on these steps see the following resources:

  • Installing an Exchange Server 2013 Database Availability Group
  • Configuring Database Copies in an Exchange Server 2013 Database Availability Group

In the next article in this series we’ll look at configuring Transport services.

For more information see the Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration Guide.

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  1. Germán

    Hi Paul!

    I have the Mailbox role and CAS role in different servers but I have a question:
    I can access to the Mailbox Web Manager without be installed the CAS? or both must be installed to use the Mailbox Web Manager?

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