So far the feedback from readers of Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013 High Availability has been positive, but there’s always more to learn about a topic as complex as high availability.

Perhaps there’s a concept you’re still unsure about. Or perhaps you have a specific scenario in mind and want to clarify how it should be approached.

Here’s your chance to get your questions answered by myself and fellow Exchange MVPs Michael Van Horenbeeck and Steve Goodman.

Simply leave your question in the comments below and we will do our best to answer as many of them as possible. At this stage we are planning to record our answers in audio, but there may be some that answered with an article here on the website.

So don’t hold back. Ask your questions below, and please provide as much detail as possible so that we can give you the best answer.

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  1. Richard Zecchino

    Same Subnet, two buildings, 2 node Exchange Dag with FSW. Is this a case for Dynamic Quorum? If so what are the gotchas to look out for and steps to implement and failback.

  2. shakthiravi

    Need Guidance in moving a Hybrid SP1 2010 based deployment using service domain to either Exchange 2010 Sp3 based / Exchange 2013 based Hybrid environment with HCW.

  3. Raul Silis

    Can you write about mail flow in an Exchange 2013 And Exchange 2010 coexistence?

  4. Todd

    Can we use Azure for the FSW yet?
    If so…
    1) Would you do it?
    2) Is there documentation for it?
    3) What are the gotchas we should be aware of?

    What are your recommendations for load balancing a DAG across multiple sites? Do you or can you recommend geo-load balancing appliances or services?

    Are lagged copies really that beneficial?

  5. rohit

    Hi ,

    I have following doubts.

    1/ Is there any document to Refer for data-center switch over.

    2/ if i keep 2 witness server in primary and DR both site ( Exchange 2013) . Then what all commands i need to run to active DR site.

    3/ is there any document to return on primary data centre ?

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