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PowerShell Tip: Search for Commands by Keyword

Here is a PowerShell tip that I rely on quite a lot. Sometimes I will have an admin task to perform but I can’t think of the exact PowerShell command to use. For example I know I want to perform some calendar administration, but I don’t remember the correct command.

Thanks to Get-Command I can quickly search for commands based on keywords. For example, to find all of the cmdlets with the keyword “calendar” in them:

You can also search based on the “verb” of the commands, for example to find all commands that start with the “Test” verb:

So next time you’re scratching your head trying to think of the name of that PowerShell command, just give Get-Command a go.

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  1. U. P. B. Michael says:

    It’d be good if Powershell commands provide help like the way CISCO IOS commands do. Anyway, many thanks Paul for showing the easiest way to find the Powershell commands.

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