Before removing the last legacy Exchange server from the organization during an Exchange Server 2007 transition you should move the Public Folder hierarchy from the Exchange 2003 Administrative Group to the Exchange 2007 Administrative Group.

Right-click the Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) and choose New -> Public Folders Container.


Now simply drag the Public Folders tree from the Exchange Server 2003 administrative group to the Exchange Server 2007 administrative group.


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  1. Muthukumar

    Whether it is the same in 2013 to 2019 server also ?

    Is there is cmd to move only of hireacacy

  2. Dave

    If the folders were replicated, but the hierarchy was not and EX2003 was decommissioned already is there a procedure to fix this? I am referencing an exchange 2003 – 2010 migration (no 2007) and was not able to drag the structure to the folders in 2010 using ESM. Can I move it via adsi edit (safely?) path is config; services; microsoft exchange; domain; administrative groups; first administrative group; folder hierarchies. There is a CN=Public folders under this. can that be moved to the 2010 admin group?

    Also should I still see the old 2003 server as available to add a replicated copy to?


    1. Jason Taylor

      Bump on this. Same issue right now. How do I move folder structure without 2003?

  3. Matthias

    Hey Paul,

    first of thx a lot for the great stuff you share with us!

    Maybe you have an hint for me:
    “Folders” and “Public Folders” are there in System Manager, but if i try to expand the Hierarchy an error pops ups “Invalid Argument”. There is no Public Folder Store left in 2003 and maybe its just fine by moving the “Public Folders” into the new Admingroup. Have you seen this behaviour before?

    Have a nive day 🙂

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      I don’t recall seeing that error and probably because I never tried to expand the Public Folders, I always just moved them if they were there.

  4. Cameron

    I have Paul’s guide, and followed the migration procedures, and when preparing to do this final step, I wasn’t able to expand the folder on the 2003 server to see the Public Folders, because Public Folders is not there, in order to drag and drop them to 2010. So, I’m hoping one of my previous Powershell commands moved the hierarchy, cause I’m no longer able to manually do it via this method.

    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      Do you see it under the Exchange 2007 admin group, or is it just not there at all?

  5. Miki K

    Hey Paul,

    Is this step just a tidy up process for the de-comission of the last exchange 2003 server? I have replicated all PF content from 2003 and 2010 and removed the public folder stores. Not sure why this step is required?

    Thanks in advance Paul


    1. Anthony

      Hi Miki K.

      This moves the Hierarchy folder to the new Exchange. You can see this when you open up adsi-edit.

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