The Three UC Amigos talk about some of the new Unified Messaging features in Exchange Server 2010.  Read the full blog post here.  A few items that caught my attention were:

  • New UM Administrator, UM Recipient Administrator, and UM Prompt Administrator roles so that UM management can be delegated properly.
  • Personal auto-attendant.
  • “Red lamp” or Message Wait Indicator (MWI) support.  This was a show stopper for some UM deployments with our own customers so its good to see support is now included.  Although as the UM guys note, the majority of people check their inbox before they check their voicemail so the MWI issue turned out to be far less critical than many thought.
  • Voice to text transcripts for voicemails (claiming about 75% accuracy).  Handy for previewing voicemails, checking voicemail in crowded/noisy locations, or as I noted recently this is potentially a huge benefit for the hearing impaired.

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