office-365-for-exchange-pros-cover-2015-sept-salespageAs the relentless pace of change in Office 365 continues, so too does the updating of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals. We’ve just released new eBook files for existing customers of the September 2015 edition (check your inbox soon, unless you opted out of the email notifications), and I thought I would take the opportunity to give those of you who have not already bought a copy of the eBook an idea of what these updates entail.

PS – if you’re wondering how we handle updates vs new editions, Tony explains it in detail here. In short, updates to the current edition are free and include things like fixing typos, or minor corrections as details of the Office 365 service change. In contrast, new editions include large quantities of new content covering new features or significant changes to the service.

The latest updates to the September 2015 edition include:

  • Hybrid Configuration Wizard changes to reflect the new HCW tool, and updates on using modern authentication with Office 365.
  • Notes on administrator accounts, flagging the need to keep on-premises mailboxes under 45GB before attempting to move them to EXO, and some new parameters for PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Additional information about Office 365 Groups (which are evolving rapidly).
  • New information on specific mailbox recovery scenarios for Hybrid, and DBEB
  • Updated info on configuring DKIM
  • Several compliance feature and UI changes
  • Auditing and activity reporting changes

Quite a lot, and there’ll probably be more updates needed in the first quarter of 2016, while we also work hard on the 3rd edition of the eBook in parallel.

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  1. Arun Singla


    This is Arun again. I purchased the first edition but couldn’t get the Sep edition at discounted price in a timely manner, missed it. Now if I purchase the second edition for a full price, will it include the new Dec updates as well ?

    Is there a way that I can get the latest edition with Dec updates at a discounted price, since I had already purchased the first edition in May.


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