In this article we’ll look at the user experience for enrolling an Android device for Office 365 Mobile Device Management.

Enrolment can be triggered by an administrator adding the user to a group that is targeted by an Office 365 MDM device policy. An example can be seen here. However it can also be manually initiated by the end user, which is what we’ll look at now.

To begin enrolling a mobile device download the Company Portal app from the Google Play store.


The user signs in with their corporate credentials (email address and password).


After signing in tap the Enroll button.


A screen is displayed that lets the user know what enrolment means for the management of the device. Tap Activate to continue.


Tap OK to install the certificate on the device.


After enrolment has completed a list of company apps (if any exist) is displayed in the Company Portal app. The user can tap on My Devices and then the name of the device to verify whether the device is in compliance.




With a compliant device the user can now sign in to applications such as Outlook, OneDrive for Business and Office Mobile.

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