Sunrise over the mountains; the orange of Practical 365 meets the blue of Quadrotech.

Back in July, I announced my plans to retire the Practical 365 blog and focus my time and energy in other areas. I have been humbled by the response in the comments of that post, and in other places such as Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to let me know how much Exchange Server Pro and Practical 365 has helped you over the years.

Today I’m pleased to announce that the Practical 365 blog will live on under new ownership.

Shortly after my announcement in July, the team at Quadrotech – makers of several leading Office 365 migration, reporting, and management solutions – got in touch to ask if I would be willing to hand over this site and allow them to keep running Practical 365 for the community.

They are a long-time supporter and sponsor here at Practical 365, and CSO Dan Clark has been a guest on my podcast. They have several Microsoft MVPs on their team, and they regularly contribute useful resources to the Office 365 community.

The Future of Practical 365

When Dan explained his plans to keep running Practical 365 as an independent site, with articles written by MVPs and other experts in the field, he fulfilled my desire to have Practical 365 continue to be a valuable resource for the IT pro community.

Two members of the new editorial team have already been confirmed, with experienced MVPs Steve Goodman and Sigi Jagott collaborating on future content.

A joint statement reads:

We’re very excited to be joining the editorial team at Practical 365 as the site goes from strength to strength. Practical 365, and prior to that, Exchange Server Pro has been a go-to resource for many IT pros under Paul’s stewardship, and we’re proud to be part of the next chapter.

As the Microsoft 365 suite continues to grow, we know it’s a massive challenge for IT professionals to keep up-to-date on new features, functionality and changes. Over the last six years, we’ve moved from server versions that are refreshed every three years, to one where rapid releases are the new normal.

This means that not only is there an expectation for IT pros to deliver new functionality to their organizations very quickly, but also a need to help people understand how best to use new features, in depth.

Sometimes it can feel like standing in front of a firehose – and that makes it really important for sites like Practical 365 to provide guides on how to use this technology in the real world.

With Microsoft Ignite just a couple of weeks away, many announcements will be made about Office 2019 servers – and the Microsoft 365 suite. The pace of change over the next year is set to increase, and we’re looking forward to helping provide independent, practical advice you can use, all in one place.”

Next Steps

You can expect to see announcements and blog content from the new leadership in the next couple of weeks. If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll also see the regular newsletters resuming service as well.

For those of you attending Ignite, Quadrotech will be exhibiting at booth #1037. The team will be happy to provide more detailed updates, and they’re keen to meet other industry professionals who would like to contribute to the future of Practical 365.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and encouragement over the years. And thank you to Dan, Steve and Sigi for stepping up and allowing Practical 365 to live on.

About the Author

Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for


  1. Florent

    I might be a bit late but I think this is never too late to say “Thank you”.
    A BIG “Thank you”.

    Several times your blog posts have been really useful and necessary to solve some issues in the past. In my former company, many times I have quoted some of your statements in order to “help” my managers to “make the good choice” regarding some Exchange hybrid settings.

    You cannot realize how YOU have been really helpful. I cannot tell for the community. But I can tell for myself: you really helped me in the past with your skills and knowledge.

    I will keep up and still follow you on Twitter though but allow me to wish you a pleasant future.


  2. Ed Croxton

    You will be missed. WOW.. words cannot express how I feel

  3. Behrouz Amiri

    Paul is the most awesome man I know! and this is not because of this article.
    It’s because of what he is doing in the Exchange World. no matter he accepts my connection request in LinkedIn or not! 🙂 he is always the best. I am working in MS services field such as exchange for years, and I did not find any article as good as yours. is pure knowledge. it is a gift, for us, for even Microsoft. they should be grateful because of what you did here. I love the way you write, and the way you think about things, which is clearly the bigger picture when you look at this priceless website.

    Thanks Paul.

  4. Aliyu Garba

    Thank you Paul all the next on the next career Move.

  5. Gediminas

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge all these years. It helped me on many Exchange projects.
    Good luck in new horizons!


  6. Srdjan Stevic

    Good luck Paul, welcome Quadrotech! 🙂

  7. jomon jose

    All the very best Paul, Your site has helped me a lot of times.

  8. chris stradling

    really pleased this will continue. Thanks for all the effort and knowledge sharing, your blogs have got me through some tough situations in the past.
    Good luck for your future.

  9. Kevin C.

    So pleasantly surprised to see a Practical 365 update come through my RSS feed today! The announcement of a continued investment in the knowledgeable resource and community that you’ve managed to build here is welcomed for sure – big shoes to fill.

    I hope that all is coming along well with the book. I’m looking forward to its publication as I’m sure are many others who you have affected positively.

  10. Jumrat boonkatoen

    Thank for contributor

  11. Pete

    Best of luck to you with your future endeavors, Paul. You are the reason I was able to attain Exchange 2016 MCSE. Your tutorials and CBTs are some of the best I’ve come across. I hope you continue contributing to the community as time permits.

  12. Irshad

    Missing you Paul. No one replace your knowledge. We miss your knowledge.

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