When all mailboxes, public folders, and other services have been migrated to Exchange Server 2007 it is time to remove the Routing Group Connectors between the Exchange 2003 routing group and the Exchange 2007 routing group.

If you have Routing Group Connectors that you want to still keep then use Get-RoutingGroupConnector to show all of the RGCs, and then use Remove-RoutingGroupConnector to remove the specific ones you no longer need.

If you simply want to remove all RGCs between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 (which is common for simple Exchange organizations) you can use this simple Exchange Management Shell command.

[PS] C:\>Get-RoutingGroupConnector | Remove-RoutingGroupConnector -confirm:$false

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Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical365.com.


  1. Ken

    Your the man Paul. That did the trick. And I think you had something else for me yesterday. Thanks. All smooth now.

  2. Carol Ostos

    Ignore my post, I just found the answer. Needed to run this prior Set-AdServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $True

    Thanks anyways 😉

  3. Carol Ostos

    Hi Paul, Im trying to remove an Exchange 2003 from a routing group connector called 2003-2010, when running the command: Set-RoutingGroupConnector -Identity “2003-2010” -SourceTransportServers servername

    Where servername is the name of the box I’m leaving

    I get a message “The requested search root “our root domain” is not within the scope of this operation. Cannot perform searches outside the scope “domain”

    What am I missing? Thank you!

  4. Amir

    thanx a lot for this one, worked like a charm..

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