Retiring the Practical 365 Blog

The time has come for me to retire this blog. I’m writing this post to let you know what’s going to happen to Practical 365 going forward, and to say thank you to everyone in the community who has supported me over the years.

Some History

If you’ll indulge me a for a few minutes I want to take a step back to the beginning. I started blogging back in 2006 to share a few random thoughts and my experiences in IT. After a few years of blogging my career was starting to focus on Microsoft Exchange Server. That’s when I made the decision to focus on Exchange, and renamed my blog to Exchange Server Pro.

In a lot of ways I was in the right place at the right time. I happened to be working with Exchange Server when it was going through some big changes. The new server roles architecture, the variety of new features emerging, and the PowerShell integration provided endless opportunities to share my experiences in blog posts.

The Tipping Point

Exchange Server Pro took on a life of its own. Traffic started doubling. Hundreds of thousands of people visited the site each month. My inbox was overflowing with comments and questions. Twitter was taking off as well, and I was having a lot of fun getting involved in the Exchange community online.

The success of Exchange Server Pro opened up a world of new opportunities for me. I’ve travelled to different countries, spoken at events, written books and training courses, and been offered jobs, all because of my blog. One of the highlights was travelling to Austin, Texas for the MEC conference in 2014. Of all the events I’ve been to, MEC stands out as the one that I enjoyed the most.

I’ll always have that connection to Exchange Server and the Exchange community. I’m looking forward to seeing what Exchange 2019 delivers later this year. Maybe I’ll write a book or a course about it. Time will tell.

Along Came The Cloud

I’ve been in the IT industry for 20 years. A lot changed before I started blogging, and a lot has changed since then. The most impactful has been the emergence of Office 365.

Most of my IT work has moved away from Exchange Server and towards Office 365 over the last few years. It’s one of the reasons Exchange Server Pro evolved to become Practical 365.

Office 365 and the cloud in general have opened up a whole new world of opportunity. A lot of those opportunities just don’t suit where my family and I are in life right now. Speaking at international events, travelling around the country for customer projects, or even working for a vendor, are all things that would take me away from the things that I value the most.

Where to Now?

Every aspect of my life is different today than it was when I started blogging. When opportunities are plentiful but time is limited, it forces you to decide what the most important things in your life are. For me it is my family, my health, and the flexibility to enjoy our lives.

Over the last few months I’ve thought long and hard about where Practical 365 fits in to my future. I’ve come to the realization that as much as I enjoy running the site, the time I spend here is better spent on other things. Things that are more beneficial to what’s important in my life.

I’ll still be working with Office 365, and more books and training courses are very much a part of my future plans. You might still see me pop up in technical discussions on Reddit or other forums now and then. I will also very likely still be blogging somewhere about something, because writing is a big part of who I am. I just won’t be blogging here, and not about Office 365.

Thank You

As I was writing this post I took a look at the traffic stats over the life of my blog. It still blows my mind that my little blog that I started in 2006 with a silly domain name and some free web hosting has been read by more than 13 million people almost 40 million times. As you can see below I blogged for several years with fairly modest traffic. I was quite happy with that. Writing useful content that someone would read is all I wanted to achieve. The last few years certainly exceeded my expectations, and I’m grateful for everything that came from it.

Retiring the Practical 365 Blog

To everyone in the community who read my blog posts, left comments and feedback, attended my conference talks, learned from my books and training courses, or engaged in discussions in forums and social media, I want to say thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.


Here’s some quick answers to questions that you might have. If there’s something not answered here, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Q: What will happen to the Practical 365 site?

A: The site receives a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines, so it would be bad form for me to erase it from the internet. I will be leaving the site online for people to continue finding answers to their problems, but there are no plans to add more articles or content. The store will also stay online for at least the rest of this year to allow people to download any ebook files that have lost.

Q: Have you considered selling the site?

A: Yes, but discussions with a few potential buyers didn’t progress to a sale. If the right company with the right community mindset comes along, that might change. What’s important to me is that the content on this site remains online for as long as it is still useful to readers.

Q: What will you be doing instead?

A: Mostly focusing on growing our business. I’ll still be writing books and training courses for the foreseeable future. I’m working on a book right now (sign up to the mailing list for updates), as well as another Pluralsight course that is due for release next month. I have some other opportunities to explore as well, but no details to share yet.

Q: What about your MVP award?

A: My MVP award was renewed on July 1st, making it the 7th time I have been awarded. I’m honoured to be recognized again by the Microsoft MVP program. Obviously my blog is a big part of the contributions that I am recognized for. But MVPs are awarded for all kinds of contributions, not just blogging. Next year we will see whether my ongoing contributions are enough for renewal. If not, then I’m happy with what the MVP award has provided to me, and will continue giving to the community in whatever capacity I can.

Q: Where can we follow you online?

A: My personal blog is here. I am still on Twitter, and you can also find me on Facebook.

Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash

About the Author

Paul Cunningham

Paul is a former Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for


  1. Cam Gilbert


    Please reach out to me, I may have an option for sale of this site



  2. Marc

    Thanks Paul for your support!
    It was a pleasure.
    All the best

  3. Sammy

    Its a very sad news for the whole exchange community.
    Wish you very good luck in your future endeavors.

  4. Julian Gudsell

    Somehow I had missed this. Thank you Paul for all your work over the last few years. I’m just one of the tens of thousands of grateful IT professionals who have visted your site for some of the best, most reliable “real world” Exchange/0365 advice on the internet.

    You will be missed here but go and do what makes you happy. I hope to see you on the internet somewhere.

    Thank you.

  5. andrew

    Paul, your site has always been one of the first I visit when looking for problems with Exchange/Office 365. I still add “Practical 365” after any queries I have hoping your site came up in the results as I know you will always have a good descriptive answer. Having 2 children myself I know how limited time is and you do need to concentrate on them and what pays the bills. Several of your Pluralsight Video’s and 70-345 books have helped me pass exams also. All the best.

  6. Vignesh


    Thank you for sharing your technical expertise with us. Your blog has truly been helpful to me over the past couple of years in Exchange.
    Best of luck for your future endeavours.


  7. Annie Rozer

    Hi Paul!

    I really appreciate your blog, nice information you have!

  8. Javier Barron


    Thank you so much for all the information, tips, book, trainings and details you shared with all of us, your blog is one of the most reliable sites I use to get information, it is sad to see you go but I can only whish you the best and enjoy the time with your family.


  9. ara

    Paul is a legend ; that is all i can say. good lucky paul.

  10. Jeff


    As a consultant I’ve found myself reading this blog countless times. It’s provided so much clarity to complex architectures and migration strategies. You have a unique skill in breaking down difficult concepts and deliver thorough and understandable explanations. You’ve provided so much to the tech community and I hope it’s returned to you the thanks deserve. I wish you and your family much happiness and great experiences in the future. Take care and thank you so much for your contributions to the community.

  11. Véronique

    Thank you Paul, your blog was the one I referred to anyone who wanted a reference for Exchange and Office 365.

    I’ll miss you! Take care of yourself and your family.

  12. Sayed

    Its time to relax and prioritize your personal life , fully understood that Paul, and appreciate your
    great efforts and valued articles you given for many years now.

    We would like to thank you and wishing you, your family all the best.

  13. max

    Already so many comments here so I’ll make it short.
    Thank you very much for your time and effort in the last year’s. I don’t know how many times your blog helped me understanding certain topics or solving problems.

    I wish you the best for your future and hope to see/read future projects from you.


  14. Tim

    I totally understand you having to make choices and prioritizing certain tasks over others. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ve never paid to read the blog, so it’s not exactly helping you support yourself or your family. That said, I’m dreading the next 4 years of maintaining Exchange 2016 and especially trying to migrate to the next version of Exchange without it! I may have even shed a tear or two. Nobody did simple, concise explanations – with both pictures and notes of “gotchas” and how it might go wrong. It’s not even close.

    Paul or readers of the blog – do you have any recommendations for sites you recommend now that this one won’t be updating anymore? I’d love to think I wouldn’t need one, but I think we all know Exchange better than that!

  15. Angelo Papiccio

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge Paul. This site has become my go to for troubleshooting Exchange and O365.

    Wishing you all the best in your future.

  16. Lacerda

    Long life, Paul! Long life!!
    Thank you so much for years and years of a amazing blog. You’re amazing!

  17. Françoise

    Ho, very sad news for me 🙁
    So much good advices on this blog. A problem with Exchange, first reflex, go to Paul’s blog.
    Thank you so much for all.
    All the best !!!!

  18. Stephan

    Keep it up Paul!

  19. Jeremy

    Thanks very much for all the info you’ve shared over the years, and for making it all so easily understandable and consumable. … also, for responding in the comments to answer questions etc., without missing a beat.

    It’s going to be hard for anyone to fill the void you’ll be creating when you step down.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll get into next.

  20. Harry

    Thanks a lot Paul for sharing your knowledge over the years.
    Exchange Server Pro and couple of other Exchange blog posts immensely helped shape up my Exchange Career and then O365 happened and I must admit it’s been a great disrupter . I am on my own journey of finding happiness as well. All the best for your future endeavors 🙂

  21. Richard Martin

    Thanks Paul for all your excellent technical articles over the years. I do look forward to continue reading your blogs of a non-technical matter. I’ve personally found these invaluable and they show a tremendous foresight. Best of luck finding that work life balance. Maybe you already have 🙂

  22. Manojkumar

    Thanks for sharing knowledge

  23. Shane King

    Hi Paul.

    I thank you for the contribution you have made to MY career in I.T. When I first came upon your information I was impressed with its quality. Some years later I realised you were an Aussie and was immensely proud of the fact someone with your expertise and “likeability”

    I made the same family cenrtic decisions 9 years ago – I have absolutely no regrets doing this, and feel you too will be rewarded for your choices now.

    Many many thanks

  24. Joshua Bines

    Thanks for the years of sharing your experiences. These decisions are never easily made and are often made too late in life leaving you only with regrets. Finding and doing the important things first in life is always the best approach. Keep in touch.

    Cheers mate

  25. Luca Vitai

    Thank you Paul for your help and your contribution!
    All the best!

  26. john

    Well done man, I’ve been relying on your blogs through numerous Exchange versions, you Cunningham and (Powershell) Levy are the only two professionals where I prefix my queries with your names, you always nail it.
    I’ve witnessed you responding with patience and grace to the most provocative twats as well as the grateful techies.Thanks for all you time and efforts.

  27. Ian

    Exchange Legend – thanks for everything and all the best Paul

  28. Amit

    Hello Paul,I know most exchange admins will miss you and your blogs like anything. your contributions to the Exchange and O365 community were the best. Always clear, concise and timely. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

  29. Samuel Fobbs


    I hate to see you go, but I completely understand about our time being limited. Like you, Exchange has opened up my world of opportunities and as my organization continues to move to the Cloud and Office 365, well the skies the limit for me.

    Your gem of advice here is much appreciated. Enjoy your new endeavors and I wish you and your family the best, sir!

    Good Journey,

    Dallas, Texas

  30. Peter Klapwijk

    Thanks for the great articles Paul! Was nice reading them.
    All the best.


    The Netherlands

  31. Bamkele

    Thank you Paul and all the best.

  32. Jeff Guillet

    Good for you, Paul! Get out while the gettin’s good. I look forward to following your future endeavors.

    Once a Grumpy Old Man, always a Grumpy Old Man.


  33. Gerard


    I recently did a cross-forest migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016 and your blog was my guiding light. The migration went as smooth as I could ask for and I am forever grateful for all of your hard work to make life easier for administrators such as myself. The blog may have reached its end but for you it is the beginning of a new phase in your life for which I wish you and your family the best.

    Brooklyn, NY

  34. Eric W

    Thank you for your Articles over the years. You have helped me be a better administrator.

  35. LadyTramp

    Thank you Paul, your articles and clear instructions have helped me immensely. Our Exchange 2010 (soon to be 2016 or wait for 2019 decision to be made) / O365 hybrid environment of over 10,000 exchange objects… I don’t know how I would have managed without your generous solutions and how to articles.
    A huge thank you, I wish you all the very best for the future. From a fellow Queenslander… 😉

  36. Robert

    Hi Paul,

    thank you for saving my ass more then once and for writing down all this useful stuff. Stay safe and live long and prosper.

  37. Caroline

    Hi Paul,
    thank you for all the work you did over the years; I’ve been following you since 2006 (and will continue to do so :-)).
    I truely understand your thoughts and decision, and sometimes I wish, I’ve had done the same some years ago. But then I realize, that IT is the only thing, I’m really good at. Nevertheless, the family should always be more important than any kind of work.
    So, I’m wishing you all the best for you and your loved ones. Take care and find your way.

    Thank you again,

  38. Alex Contant

    Ty Paul for everything. You saved my hide a couple of time and you’ll be missed. Wish you the best.

  39. Robert Sinclair

    Thanks a lot Paul. your articles were always spot on and very helpful

  40. Antonio Perezcastillo

    Paul Which the best of this world for you and your family I have followed you for almost 7 years bought all you books. And I want to thank you because my success in part I owe to you and the time that you spent putting together scripts books etc. God Bless you I will continue looking for your advices and technical reviews.

  41. ChristinaDanley

    Hi Paul, Thank You for all of the information you have shared with the world over the years. Thank you for the time and effort invested in making it happen. Your blog has enabled my success and learning countless times over the years, for the 3rd time Thank You ! Cheers to you my friend. I look forward to your future I.T. en devours and wish you all the professional and personal happiness years to come.

  42. Tom

    Paul, thank you very much for your help in all aspect. Your web site is very useful.

    Good luck in your future!

  43. Troy Werelius

    Paul, thanks so much for all that you have done for the industry. Your decision to refocus your life on whats important is spot on. I started that process 8 years ago and am so much happier today having opportunities to build a happy, joyful life while enjoying the ride

    Best of luck on your new venture, enjoy every moment

  44. Cam

    Thank you
    Your articles saved my butt more than a few times
    Best of luck

  45. Rob


    I would simply like to thank you for sharing your knowledge along the way. You have helped me in my work on multiple occasions.
    I wish you & your family all the best in your future endeavours.

  46. Sam Prior

    Well done Paul. Thanks for all your great articles, which always explain things clearly, and your ability to pick topical subjects to blog on. I’ve used your site time and time again. It will be very sad that the blogs stop but I look forward to seeing you on Pluralsight which I use as one of my training platforms. Also, will look out for future books. I suspect this blog has grown into a beast so understand your reasons for giving it up, even though we will all miss it!

  47. Barbara

    Thank you for all of the information and guidance you’ve provided over the years. Your articles have been an invaluable resource. Best to you and your family.

    -Barb | Trenton, NJ

  48. Marci

    Your blogs have helped me grow in my career and have been an incredible resource for me. I am so thankful that you’ve had this available to (everyone) in the field. I wish you the best luck in whatever path you choose, and probably admire you even more now given this hard, but really applaudable, decision. Take care and hope to see more of you on other roads. 🙂

  49. Alexis Crawford

    Wow….This site has always been my go to site for information on Exchange. I’ll still visit it. Thanks for the help Paul and God bless you and your family.

  50. Edward Mitchell

    Thank you for willingly and openly sharing your knowledge.

    Without your insights, tips and proven, real life administration skills or techniques, I would not be in the position I am today.
    The work / life balance can be a juggling act and safe to say, family first is always the right choice. One’s career is one of more challenging decisions one can make.
    I am looking forward to hearing about the new adventure.

    Be well and prosper.

    Thank you!!

  51. Shane Landmeier

    I am new to Exchange environments, all the knowledge I have acquired so far is due directly to you. Like a lighthouse at sea.

    Best of luck and good for you to tip in the right direction of work/life balance.


  52. Oliver

    All the best! Thanks for all the information and perspective you’ve provided over the years.

  53. Allan Laird

    This is indeed a sad day. I cannot tell how many time I have referred to this site as a reference point.

    I too have come to the realisation thet family and health are more important than any job or perks.

    I salute you for making a hard but in my opinion, wise choice.

    You will be missed, but I will be following you blog.

    Thank you once again.

    Live long and prosper.


  54. Matt Burton

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the info on your site. It has helped me many times. Good luck in the future.


  55. Rana Banerjee

    Hello Paul,

    It’s really sad to know this. But I hope that we get to see more of you by other modes of training.

    I this platform as helped me as well as my other peers a lot.

    thanks ton and good luck for your future endeavors
    Kind Regards

  56. Matt Pollock

    A very sad day Paul, but completely understandable.
    Your blog has been my “go to” resource for all things Exchange for many a year.
    I hope you keep your hand in for a while longer with Pluralsight, as your course content is also Exchange gold!

    All the best for the future pal.

  57. Stefano

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for all your help, you have saved me so many times 🙂
    I’ll miss “Practical 365” but sure I will follow you on your personal blog.

    All the best.


  58. Tommie Sue Woolley

    Interesting timing. I am retiring from IT in 6 weeks! I would be remiss if I didn’t say “Thank you!” for so many wonderful, HELPFUL, articles in your blog. I’m passing them on to my colleagues as they take over my responsibilities. They have been so helpful in ensuring our Exchange runs and runs. Thank you again. Best wishes in your on-coming endeavors and to your family!

  59. Hisham

    Dear Paul,

    I’ve always referred to your articles for solutions to my Exchange problems.
    So, for that I am in debt to you. Thank you! I wish you and your family all the best!

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    Thanks so much for the great content over the years. It has really helped me with my Exchange environments. I still refer back to older stuff from time to time when something comes up.

    Good luck.

  61. Willie Moulic

    Thank you so much Paul for all the knowledge you have shared! God Bless you and your family and goodluck!

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    It’s been a pleasure having you online with your very insightful information on exchange. I’m one person who has enjoyed reading here for years.

    Enjoy the more time with your family.All the best in your other endeavors.

  63. Jim

    Paul – Thanks for all the late night knowledge your sites have provided. I connect with your approach and writing style. You will be missed in the community. I am look forward to your book “Surviving IT”. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  64. Aliyu Garba

    Dear Paul, Thanks for all these years for helping the Exchange Community we will miss you.

    Wish you all the best for the feature.

    @Paul Cunningham Exchange Legend.

  65. Irshad Ahmed

    Legend guy.. 🙂

  66. Irshad Ahmed

    Feeling sad.. 🙁

  67. Neil Pittaway


    You’re a bloody legend, my friend.

    Wishing you every success for the future. Well deserved.

    Kind regards,

    Neil Pittaway

  68. Kelley Underwood

    Above all other sources, your blog has been my “go to” place for answers, wonderful PowerShell scripts, and info on new developments. I’ve told many about your site. I’m very thankful for your contributions to the community. I understand completely your decision and support it just as I’ve had to cut back on things for my own family. God bless and best wishes for you and your family in the future.

  69. Renan Blanco from Brazil

    Hi Paul,

    Wow, what tough decision I believe you have taken. I’m pretty sure blogging is your passion, because everyone can notice that on your articles and how you write your posts.
    How everything in the life is done by cycles, your blog has been done successfully. You have no clue how your blog is important for million of Exchange and Office 365 Admins, it’s crystal clear that everyone will miss your posts, because it’s part of my day-to-day. Every morning I just open your blog to know about the news.
    But I totally respect your decision and approve that, family is the most important thing ever. Don’t let the busy days take you away from anyone who you love.
    I’d like to say that you helped me a lot with your articles, since Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 (Exchange Online).
    You ROCK!
    Thank you.

  70. David Geiger


    But seriously, thank you for your contributions. If you have better things than this blog to work on, I’d say you have some great things ahead of you, and I’m truly happy for you.

    You’ve helped me out a bunch over the last few years.


  71. Howell Strain

    Thanks for helping make me look good. Good fortune to you.

  72. Tony

    First, England get knocked out of the World Cup, then Trump visits London, then Paul retires from his blog. This has been a terrible couple of days!

    Thank you for all the many articles and tips you have posted, i have always enjoyed reading your blogs on my commute and they are invaluable. You have made a difference to my career personally, thank you.

    I look forward to continue following your great Plural Sight training and wish you all the very best for the future.

  73. Ian Wright

    For me Paul, you should have honorary MVP status for life. Your blogs have seriously helped me develop into the architect I am today.

    All the best mate.

  74. John Paris


    You have bailed me out more times than I can count over the years, thanks to your Exchange blog. Congrats on the decision to focus on family time more. Family is most important, next to God. Many blessings to you sir!

    Thank you!


  75. Jeremy S

    I hate to hear this as I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the years. I wish you the best on your future endeavors.

  76. Laurent

    Hi Paul! thank you so much for sharing your IT knowledge with us! i follow you since many years, you are my Exchange “Guru”, and your blog was always helpful for me! even if I’m a bit sad you stop this blog, i fully understand you 🙂
    thx again, and i’ll continue to follow you on Twitter 😉

  77. Marvin Franklin

    All god things must end, this is the sad part of life. I just want to say “Thank you”, because your blog has provided me with information about Exchange for years. You were my primary go-to site for any issue that I may have been experiencing with Exchange and helped me progress to the person and Engineer I am today. Have a good life and Thanks again.

  78. Thierry Chapuisat

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing all your experiance and professional Exchange stuff to us ! I have been reading your blog about the last 10 years now.

    I wish you all the best for you and your family ! I think you choose the best reason in a man life to leave this blog!

    Enjoy your life, live it!


  79. Merlin

    Thanks for all your hard work on your blog. You are one of the rare sites that I get email notifications when you post something. I’ve always found your Exchange and Office 365 articles to be accurate and very helpful. I’ll miss this blog not being updated, but best wishes for whatever, your future holds.

  80. kofi desmond

    Hmmm! shalom my brother,
    it’s unfortunate you have to leave us this way. But such is life. we will all one day find ourselves somewhere for as long as Jesus tarries.
    i have enjoyed your articles on exchange so much. my laptop is full of your articles. Helping me to solve challenges in my work place.
    i manage microsoft exchange, skype for business and now preparing for my ccie collaboration.
    God bless you so much. Any time you happen to visit Ghana, please give me a missed call on my phone.
    Many Jehovah richly reward you for selflessly sharing with us all that you have worked for.
    The bible says whoever refreshes shall also be refreshed.
    Only Jehovah can refresh you abundantly and immeasurable beyond what you can think of or imagine.
    Jesus loves you more. love you too.

  81. Abubakar

    Hi Paul,

    I am shocked and saddened by this news, its sad to know that you won’t be blogging anymore like before, but i respect your decision and your priorities in life, i am very thankful to you for all the support which i have received through this site.

    You have been of a great help for many exchange admin like me, you don’t know that you have been a lifeline for many exchange admin in their technical life and saved many jobs.

    Thanking you once again, you will always be an inspiration for me, i hope you find all the happiness in whatever you choose do in your life and I wish you best of luck.


  82. Tobias

    “Change is a constant”
    by Paul Cunningham

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    Thank you Paul and all the best for you and your family.


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    It has made all our lives much easier.

    All the best.

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    Thank you Paul have been reading your blog for 11 years and it has been a lifesaver from time to time

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    Thanks for keeping the information alive as it will continue our best source.

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    Thanks for all the valuable information and I still remember the way you responded to my email
    for an exchange related deployment few years back Thanks again and wish you good luck.

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    I’m going to miss you Paul, your contributions to the Exchange and O365 community were the best. Always clear, concise and timely. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

  89. Moshe Nitzani

    Hi Paul

    When it comes for help and tip about O365, you blog is the gold standard for me. Wish you all the best, and hope this blog continues to stay a live site, or I can see myself downloading every article 🙂

  90. James Kavanagh

    Sorry to hear this but at the same time so grateful to you and what you have provided over these years! I wish you and your family all the best for the future and no doubt I’ll be getting your next book to join all of the others I own!

    All the very best and thanks again for your dedication and sharing your expertise with Exchange in such a readable format (oh and all of your PS scripts!!) 🙂

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    Thank you for everything. Your site is a valuable source of information which helped a lot of us.

    All the best to you!

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    Thanks for helping me look good.

  94. Navishkar Sadheo

    Dear Paul

    Thank you for all your contributions over the years. You really helped me out a lot. One of my home pages in Chrome is this website. I have also been enjoying your content on Pluralsight and hope you will continue to make training videos.

    All the best.

    Navishkar Sadheo
    South Africa

  95. James Parle


    Sorry to hear that you are discontinuing your blog. My career’s not long taken a turn where Office 365 is beginning to come my priority, not just for the requirements of the company but also because of the interest I have in the subject. Your blog has been a big part of this!

    I’ve recently been putting together some ideas of my own to begin blogging and if in 20 years time I can look back and be as successful as yourself in my career, as well as in the blogging field, then I will be proud.

    Wishing you all the best for the future.

  96. Robert Formodi

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  100. M

    Sad to read this but completely understand where you’re coming from.

    I’m also making a change in my career from working in a managed service environment for 10+ years supporting multiple Exchange infrastructures to moving in house, and the reason is due to not having enough family time.

    Wish you all the best, your blog’s have helped me through various messaging related tasks.

  101. Ziemek Borowski

    Thanks a lot for your long time support.

  102. Daniele

    Hi Paul, I want to say thank you for all the knowledge you have shared through your blog. Your posts have saved my life many times! I started learning Exchange using your articles and doing hands-on labs. All’ the best forse the future!

  103. Satheshwaran Manoharan

    You are an inspiration. All the best for your future endeavors.

  104. Philip Paulus

    Mr. Cunningham, Paul, if I may,
    I need to take this opportunity to thank you!

    Your blog very much was a central part of building my career over the past years until I arrived at being an Office 365 architect by now and I have to consider you one of my mentors.
    I cannot even count how many times your articles helped me out or informed me about the exact things I needed to know, precisely when I needed to know.
    May it primarily be Exchange at first or Exchange Online and the other Office 365 services later on.

    Then again, now there’s only left to wish you all the best. I think we all know that working in IT does not net one with an exceptionally good work-life-balance, so I am impressed and grateful, you were abe to continue with this blog and your other community contributions over all these years.
    I wish you good fortune and again, all the best for your future endeavours!

    -Philip Paulus, Germany

  105. Pedro Hijar

    Thank you for all you have contributed!! Your site has helped many times over the years and I wish you the best!

  106. Kevin C.


    Despite our never having met nor spoken you are among several who I consider to have been a mentor over the course of the last 20 years of my career. You’re also among one other who while I in part (selfishly) hated to see go I applauded as they moved on to bigger and better things recognizing their crazy amount of capability.

    I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve contributed to the community over the years as well as to me personally. Big thanks to your family as well for their sharing you over the years.

    Best wishes to you and your family in all future endeavors.

  107. Adam Bird

    Thank you Paul for all your help, I always found your articles very useful

  108. David

    It’s a sad day

  109. Jeremy

    Man, it’s going to be really hard to see you go, even though I understand and applaud your decision. Your articles and forum posts have been one of my greatest sources of truth on the internet, and have helped me figure out many problems I was working on at the time. You’ve been an inspiration to me in my own MVP journey, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

    I hope you come to one last Summit so I can shake your hand in person!

    All the best for the future, man… you deserve it!

  110. Rodneyo76

    Paul, thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared over the years. Your blog helped me as I progress from a junior Exchange Admin to Senior Admin and now Office 365 Architect.

    I often direct my junior admins to your blog for answers and am glad the site will remain up.

    When looking at work/life balance I totally respect and support your decision. I too look forward to the day where I let a few extra responsibilities go 🙂

    Best of luck, Paul!


  111. Mena Mahrous

    Thank you Paul! You continue to be an inspiration for the community! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  112. Keith

    Paul — Your blog has been an inspiration to me and so many other Exchange Admins. Thank you for all you have done for the Exchange community and best of luck with your future endeavors.

  113. Drago

    Thank you Paul, you have been and you still are an idol for me! You have motivated me to start running my own IT Blog and to help others in the best way I can…
    No one can imagine how many you helped in the past and – I am sure about – you still will…
    I wish you and your family good luck, all the best for your future!
    Take care…
    Drago Petrovic, Switzerland

  114. Michel de Rooij

    Very understandable, Paul. All the best in your new endeavors.

  115. Eddy Veldboer

    Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing your knowledge over the last years. Your clear articles helped me a lot in designing and managing Exchange and Office 365. I am shocked you decided to stop writing my favorite blog, but I understand your personal live and family comes first. To be honest I was wondering where you got the time to write all this, I thought it was during work hours. Great to read you respect your balance in life and again. I’d like to thank you for all the effort and hours you spend in helping, mostly for you unknown people like me, but we know YOU and we will be missing your posts.
    Good luck, best health and warm regards to you and your family.
    Eddy Veldboer, the Netherlands.

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