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Microsoft 365 E3 License vs. Microsoft 365 E5 License

When performing a cost-benefit analysis of the Microsoft 365 E5 license for users in your organization, cost is usually the deciding factor as the quality of the features are rarely disputed. However, there are some who argue that to maintain a "Better" Security and Compliance posture as suggested by Microsoft, some of these key security features should be made more widely accessible and affordable and therefore included in the E3 license structure. Microsoft MVP Peter Rising took his debate to Twitter, conducting a straw poll where the results show there is clearly an appetite for more choice when it comes to Microsoft 365 licensing.

July 20, 2021
Flash Flood Warning! You Just Setup MCAS One comment
Drowning in Microsoft Cloud App Security email alerts

Flash Flood Warning! You Just Setup MCAS

Microsoft MVP Amy Babinchak reveals how Office365 administrators can turn Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) into a manageable and indispensable tool for organizations. This is achieved with several simple, tried and true methods that will reduce the amount of information alerts while highlighting severe, actionable alerts which are detailed in this article.

April 6, 2021