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EMS – Check your Exchange Server 2007 services

Thanks to the Exchange Management Shell you can check the status of your Exchange Server 2007 services with a single command line. [PS] C:\>Get-Service | Where {$_.Name -match "Exchange"} Status DisplayName ------ ----------- Running Microsoft Exchange Active Directory... Running Microsoft Exchange Anti-spam Update Running Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync Running Microsoft Exchange File Distribution Stopped Microsoft Exchange […]

March 2, 2008

EMS – Exchange Server 2007 Product Keys

Exchange Server 2007 permits you to install the product and use it for 120 days in trial mode without entering a product key. If you intend to use your system in production you should enter your Exchange Server 2007 product key within that 120 day period (preferably before your system goes into production). You can […]

February 29, 2008

Project Coconut: Part 1 – Getting the environment up to scratch

Project Coconut is underway and the first bit of action is getting the environment up to the pre-requisites for Exchange Server 2007. The existing environment is Active Directory in Windows 2000 Native Mode, with Windows 2000 Server domain controllers, and an Exchange 2000 Server organisation also running on Windows 2000 Server member servers. Part 1 - Getting the environment up to scratch

February 25, 2008

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 disables Exchange Anti-spam updates

Here is the anti-spam configuration on an Exchange Server 2007 RTM server: [PS] C:\>Get-AntispamUpdates UpdateMode : Automatic LatestContentFilterVersion : 3.3.4604.600 SpamSignatureUpdatesEnabled : True LatestSpamSignatureVersion : 3.3.4604.600 IPReputationUpdatesEnabled : True LatestIPReputationVersion : 3.3.4604.001 MicrosoftUpdate : NotConfigured And here is the same Exchange Server 2007 server immediately after upgrading to Service Pack 1: [PS] C:\>Get-AntispamUpdates UpdateMode : […]

February 6, 2008

Checking currency of Exchange Server 2007 Anti-Spam signatures

Last week I wrote a post on what is missing from Exchange Server 2007 Anti-Spam.  A short time afterwards Evan Dodds wrote back to me with an answer to the issue. One could write a simple script to check what updates are available on MU in certain categories, etc. Sample VB script code is available […]

December 10, 2007

What is missing from Exchange Server 2007 Anti-Spam

I’ve been searching all over the Microsoft website for a KB article, Technet article, or any other page that will list the current version of the various Exchange Server 2007 anti-spam signature releases. I realise that in any given day these can update dozens of times, but it is still a bit frustrating not having […]

December 4, 2007