Last week I wrote a post on what is missing from Exchange Server 2007 Anti-Spam.  A short time afterwards Evan Dodds wrote back to me with an answer to the issue.

One could write a simple script to check what updates are available on MU in certain categories, etc. Sample VB script code is available on MSDN.

Nothing in the product though…

The update service looks up for updates and reports errors in downloading, etc.

The sample VBS code he refers to is this one.  Trimming it down to just the essential code for this task, I came up with this:

Set objSearcher = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.Searcher")
Set objResults = objSearcher.Search("Type='Software'")
Set colUpdates = objResults.Updates
For i = 0 to colUpdates.Count - 1
Set objCategories = colUpdates.Item(i).Categories
For z = 0 to objCategories.Count - 1
If objCategories.Item(z).Name = "Exchange Server 2007 Anti-spam" Then
Wscript.Echo "Title: " & colUpdates.Item(i).Title
End If

When executed on an Exchange Server 2007 box it produces output like this.

[PS] C:AdminScripts>.updatescript.vbs
Title: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Anti-spam Filter Updates v3.3.6009.660
Title: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Block List Updates v3.3.6009.047
Title: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Anti-spam Signatures v3.3.6009.915

I can then run Get-Antispamupdates to compare the Microsoft Update data to what is currently installed on the server.

[PS] C:AdminScripts>Get-AntispamUpdates
UpdateMode                  : Automatic
LatestContentFilterVersion  : 3.3.6009.660
SpamSignatureUpdatesEnabled : True
LatestSpamSignatureVersion  : 3.3.6009.915
IPReputationUpdatesEnabled  : True
LatestIPReputationVersion   : 3.3.6009.047
MicrosoftUpdate             : Configured

And that tells me whether my Exchange server is up to date for anti-spam signatures.

Now that the solution is more apparent I am working on wrapping this into a single script that can be executed from a single server to report on all Hub Transport servers in the organisation.

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