Microsoft Teams Premium rolls out in preview

So will you be adding some licences to test it out? We discuss on the show the core new features available, including:

  • Branding
  • Live Translation for Captions
  • Autogenerated Chapters for Meeting Recordings
  • Suggested actions
  • Catch up on missed meetings where you name was mentioned
  • Watermark meeting content, end to end meeting encryption, sensitivity labels for meetings and prevention of copy-paste
  • Webinar features including registration waitlist, event workflows, virtual green room and more meeting management for bringing content and presenters on-screen
  • Custom branded virtual appointments, including dashboard and queues with analytics for no-shows

Some of these – such as watermark protection for meeting content have a few caveats though, so listen to the show to understand what to watch for.

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Exchange Online Remote PowerShell is nearly dead at long last

The big date for depreciation is June 1st 2023, so nothing to panic about over Christmas – but there could be scripts from a decade ago to update. As well as deprecation, there will as you might expect, be no feature updates to connections via New-PSSession. All should be OK though – the Exchange Online PS module v3 has feature parity.

Update your scripts

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New, better customization for Azure AD/Microsoft 365 sign-in

Fully brand the sign-in page, even including CSS – a great new feature which might feel a few years too late, but with the take-up of Azure AD as a premium SSO / IDP to replace the likes of OKTA, it’s a good addition. Features include:

  • Update layout and specify element placement
  • Set up custom self-service password reset links
  • Customize footer links and URLs
  • Change Favicon
  • Customize header
  • Covers directory sign-in, B2B, B2E and first-party apps on Azure AD and in public preview

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New Communities App coming to Microsoft Teams

It is not the communities you are looking for. It’s a new app for the “free version of Microsoft Teams” – use it for personal version and small business – i.e. Microsoft Teams (free) and Teams Essential, both using Microsoft account sign-in. It could be the right addition to Teams, given how widely used it is and the negative feedback surrounding Facebook and Twitter right now.

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From the Roadmap

Video Filters coming to Teams: If avatars weren’t enough? Expect this Feb 2023

Purview Data Loss Prevention – Policy Tips revamp on Outlook: About time – but will require user communications if you rely on these. Coming to preview April 2023, for a planned GA date of July 2023.

Teams will automatically lower your raised hand after detecting you speaking: Long overdue. Expect it to arrive March 2023

SharePoint gets the ability for people to create an external file request: Create a folder, with permissions for upload only – no read or download of other files. In preview this month, and arriving to GA in January 2023.

That’s all from this week’s show – so join myself, Steve Goodman and Paul Robichaux for more Practical news and discussions in 2023! Have a great holiday season.

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