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Microsoft Ignite the Tour London News from Steve 

  • There’s no big news from these shows of course, but you do get up-to-date content from the Microsoft engineering teams who are making the products, along with MVPs. 
  • I did sit down with Greg Taylor, the Exchange PMM to chat about Exchange and Exchange Online – one snippet of news he shared in his session is we won’t hear about removing the last Exchange Server after a migration until Ignite 2020 – a bit of a disappointment, but this is quite an engineering challenge. 
  • While I was there though I did record a quick video and talked a little more about my recent article on Azure AD Connect Cloud Provisioning:
  • Ignite the Tour continues though, and you can sign up for one near you:
    • Milan 27-28th of Jan – join the waitlist 
    • Johannesburg 0 30-31st Jan 
    • Then in Feb – Dubai, Prague and Copenhagen 
    • March will be Zurich, Amsterdam and Madrid,  
    • Then finally in April and May, Tel Avid, Berlin and Stockholm 
  • You can find out more here.
  • Ignite 2020 was also announced last Friday – this will be in NEW ORLEANS from September 21st to 25th – a lot earlier than last year’s Ignite. 
  • You can pre-register (for FREE) today on the site – they don’t need card details at this stage, so if you want to go, grab your spot and convince your boss later.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 – Las Vegas – News from Sigi 

  • This was held over 7. – 10. January 2020 
  • 180,000 attendees went to the event.
  • Areas that I found interesting: 
    • For all the geeks: Arcades like Dig Dug, Asteroids or Pac Man come back: two vendors brought up handhelds
    • New 8K and OLED displays including transparent OLED or displays that are bendable or dual-screen mobile phones 
    • Robots of all sorts – most of them were dancing or play music (e.g., for autonomous delivery, Samsung Ballie, for your animals, for your kids, etc.)  
    • Home automation like intelligent cupboards, climate control, lights, fridges or ovens 
    • UBER and Hyundai showed a “flying Taxi” which looked like a gigantic drone 
    • Lyft (the UBER competitor in the US) showed autonomous driving with more than 10 cars driving in Las Vegas  
    • One hall was automotive where e.g., Mercedes presented their new Avatar concept car  

16.1.2020 – Exchange Team Blog: Transport database: understand, size and troubleshoot 

  • Details about the transport database mail.que and help you avoid issues caused by a large database 
  • Prevent the transport database “mail.que” file grows unexpectedly 
  • If you’re on Exchange on-premises (2013 or later), you might want to have a look at the article here.

It’s a Bing thing 

All over the computing press this week has been Microsoft’s announcement that they will be adding an extension to Google Chrome browser in Office 365 Pro Plus, starting in version 2002, panned for release in February.

Message Center Updates

  • MC200501 – Updated Feature: Microsoft Stream cloud recordings  
    • Meeting recordings are stored in Microsoft Stream cloud storage.  
    • The recording feature is currently disabled for customers whose Teams data is stored in-country if Microsoft Stream is not available in that country. 
    • Change: enabling the recording feature for customers even if Microsoft Stream data residency is not yet in country. 
    • Roll-out until End of March 
    • Tenant admins should review the option in Microsoft Teams admin center to turn ON/OFF “Allow cloud recording” setting for their Teams meetings  
  • MC201582 – New Feature: Outlook on the web – Add a personal calendar, TeamSnap account 
    • Add a personal calendar from or Google to your calendar 
    • Add TeamSnap events to your calendar 
  • MC199244 – Pushed back Feature: Announce when dial-in users join/leave a meeting 
    • Rollout (postponed from January) starts in March, finished mid-April. 

New on the Roadmap 

Outlook for Windows: Signature cloud settings – February 2020

  • Your Signature settings are stored in the cloud so your experience is consistent when you access Outlook for Windows on any computer.

Additional Power Automate triggers for Microsoft Teams – February 2020

  • Streamline routine tasks in Microsoft Teams with two new Power Automate triggers.
  • Trigger actions when a new teammate joins – whether that’s creating a welcome message or sharing onboarding materials.
  • Users will also be able to create custom message actions with the “for a selected message” trigger.
  • Users can build flows directly in Teams using these new triggers, even if they trigger actions outside of Teams. 

Faster & More Reliable Exchange PowerShell Cmdlets (ID 60528) 

  • The New Exchange Online Management cmdlets are significantly more reliable and much faster than those previously available.
  • These new cmdlets are available in preview today from the PowerShell Gallery website. You can find out more about them in our Special Guest episode of the podcast with MVP Gegenwarth here:

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