Exchange Server 2013 comes with a set of PowerShell cmdlets that can be used to test the health and functionality of your servers.

The cmdlets themselves have descriptive names such as Test-Mailflow, Test-MAPIConnectivity, Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity, and so on. You can see the full list by using Get-Command in the Exchange Management Shell.

[PS] C:\>Get-Command -Verb Test | Where Module -match $env:computername

Tip: You could also just run “Get-Command –Verb Test”. The point of filtering the output by Module is to keep some other Test-* cmdlets that aren’t part of the Exchange module from appearing in the results.


As you can see there are quite a lot of test cmdlets available for administrators to use. In reality some of the test cmdlets are more commonly used than others, and a few are primarily used by services such as System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) rather than by the administrators.

Though it is not practical to explore every test cmdlet in depth let’s take a closer look at some of the test cmdlets that you may find yourself using more frequently than others.

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  1. brian

    Both CAS server same,

    One custom receive connector configured same on both CAS:
    Externally secured
    Exchange servers, Anonymous users

    When route B-CUDA or Linux server to ACAS get errors sending to internal distros only.
    No destinations could be obtained to proxy to
    Temporary server error. Please try again later. PRX1 ,

    When route B-CUDA or Linux server to QCAS, no errors.

    Discoverd 24 hours after SP1 was applied, one of those strange configurations on that effects only 1 of my CAS servers and only to interanl distros…

    I have backend DAG ADB primary and QDB secondary, in the connectivity logs I see Established connection to QDB only, maybe normal but that server only contains copys of the DB’s

    I guess the good news is I can see the message that is not being delivered – now I just need to isolate which service or configuration, unless its a bad install of SP1…


  2. Brian

    Hi Paul,

    Any new SP1 cmdlets or other cmdlets that could help me resolve an issue?
    I installed SP1 a few days ago and one of my two CAS servers does not flow from outside to internal distros.

    I did notice the one CAS server does have two errors in the event log,

    Event ID 5039
    Routing failed to select any Mailbox servers to proxy a mail item to in routing tables with timestamp DDD TTT.
    Transport process role:FrontEnd. Recipient databases.

    Event ID 1049
    SMTP could not find any destinations to proxy to. SMTP session details:[SmtpInSession: SessionIs=xxxxxxxxxxxx ConnectionId=xxxx]

    Not sure these particular errors are related to my core issue.


    1. Avatar photo
      Paul Cunningham

      Have you modified any of the default send/receive connectors on that server or created any custom ones?

      Is Exchange configured to use the NIC DNS settings or its own custom DNS settings?

      Is the server still a domain member? No issues with the computer account?

  3. Mahdi

    Hi , Paul .
    I am installed Exchange Server 2013 and I want to Know that Exchange 2013 have GUI mode for Management or no ?
    if yes , How can use it ?
    If possible send your guide to my mailbox .

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