Microsoft has released Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1.

This update rollup includes just a single update for a recent security vulnerability.

2740358 MS12-058: Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server WebReady document viewing could allow remote code execution: August 14, 2012

Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 7 can be downloaded here.

Deploying Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Update Rollup 4

The standard order of deployment for Exchange Server updates applies.

  1. Client Access servers, starting with the internet-facing ones. See this article for how to patch a CAS array.
  2. Hub Transport and Edge Transport servers
  3. Mailbox servers. See this article for how to patch a Database Availability Group.
  4. Unified Messaging servers

You can also use Exchange MVP Andy Grogan’s RUPS tool to assist with the deployment.

Customers running Forefront Protection for Exchange need to remember to disable/enable FPE when installing update rollups.

Before installing the update, disable ForeFront by using this command: fscutility /disable. After installing the update, re-enable ForeFront by running fscutility /enable.

Or use the CustomPatchInstallerActions.ps1 script detailed here:

You should also refer to KB2743248 for guidance in the following scenarios:

  • Install the update on computers that are not connected to the Internet
  • Update issue on computers that have customized Outlook Web App files
  • Update issue for CAS Proxy Deployment Guidance customers who deploy CAS-CAS proxying

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  1. Steven Pretlove

    this update failed to apply i now have the situation where the update says its waiting to apply but most of the config files are pointing to 14.1.420.0 which basically is empty. its causing massive headaches

  2. Sven

    Getting alot of themes errors – been over 1hr and still hoping its going to complete sitting on about 90%

    Some examples of theme errors I am getting.

    Log Name: Application
    Source: MSExchange OWA
    Date: 15/08/2012 12:37:36 PM
    Event ID: 26
    Task Category: Themes
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Outlook Web App couldn’t initialize.

    A base theme couldn’t be found. The base theme must be in a folder with name = “base”.

    Log Name: Application
    Source: MSExchange OWA
    Date: 15/08/2012 12:37:36 PM
    Event ID: 116
    Task Category: Themes
    Level: Warning
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Outlook Web App failed to load the following theme folder: C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccessowa14.1.420.0themespnk-pnk

    The following files are missing: gradienth.png, gradientv.png, csssprites.css, csssprites.png, csssprites2.css, csssprites2.png

      1. Marcel Zwakenberg

        Thanks Paul, this pointed me in the right direction. However, despite users now get a normal user-interface (BTW I had to also restore all files in the themes/resources folder) the interface is not responding to user/mouse input. Any suggestions on what might me causing this?

        1. Paul Cunningham

          Possibly still some of the scripts missing. Does it work if you try the light version of OWA instead?

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