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To me 2Clix used to be a software company I’d never heard of that made a product I’d never used that some people apparently don’t like. Now 2Clix is a software company I have heard of that makes a product I’ll never use.

I don’t really like it when popular internet forums I am a member of get sued for hosting public discussions on the positives and negatives of third party products. We can bleat on about “freedom of speech” all we like but the case just doesn’t pass my “common sense test”. Surely the public has a right to discuss their opinions openly using current technologies such as internet forums. The 2Clix vs Whirlpool case is one that many people will be watching closely. When the Whirlpool team announces their need for donations to a legal fund I will be in there with thousands of others giving what I can.

Two obscure forum threads that a few hundred people had seen are suddenly now well known around the world. Doesn’t seem like the smartest business move you can make.

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