Microsoft has released Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2. From the MS Exchange Team blog:

We would like to specifically call out the following fixes which are included in this release:

  • New updates for Dec DST – Exchange 2010 – SP2 RU1 – Display name for OWA.
  • 2616230 Exchange 2010 CAS server treats UTF-7 encoding NAMESPACE string from CHS Exchange 2003 BE server as ASCII, caused IMAP client fails to login.
  • 2599663 RCA crashes when recipient data is stored in bad format.
  • 2492082 Freebusy publish to Public Folders fails with 8207 event.
  • 2666233 Manage hybrid configuration wizard won’t accept domains starting with a numeral for FOPE outbound connector FQDN.
  • 2557323 “UseLocalReplicaForFreeBusy” functionality needed in Exchange 2010.
  • 2621266 Exchange 2010 Mailbox Databases not reclaiming space.
  • 2543850 Exchange 2010 GAL based Outlook rule not filtering emails correctly.

Update 2621266 is of particular note for me as I know several customers who have struggled with database growth despite deploying archiving solutions.

You can download Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2010 SP2 here.

Deploying Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Update Rollup 1

The standard order of deployment for Exchange Server updates applies.

  1. Client Access servers, starting with the internet-facing ones. See this article for how to patch a CAS array.
  2. Hub Transport and Edge Transport servers
  3. Mailbox servers. See this article for how to patch a Database Availability Group.
  4. Unified Messaging servers

You can also use Exchange MVP Andy Grogan’s RUPS tool to assist with the deployment.

Known Issues with Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Update Rollup 1

Microsoft quickly released a follow up blog post to highlight an issue with UR1 and CAS to CAS proxy scenarios.

If you are affected, it is important to note that this issue is temporary and will exist only until all of the CAS involved in the CAS-to-CAS proxy process are updated to Exchange 2010 SP2 RU1. Thus, if you are affected by this problem, simply deploy SP2 RU1 on the relevant Exchange 2010 servers and the issue no longer exists.

If you use CAS-to-CAS proxy between Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007, we will have an interim update (IU) for Exchange 2007. Availability of the IU will be announced on this blog.


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